Good old days

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    I was raised in Leeds Alabama. fished all the local creeks and ponds. we as a family spent a week at lay dam every year. back then there was a ferry. I hear there is a bridge there now. We always jug fished from the dam half way to the ferry. There was a fish camp near the ferry. About 60 years ago I was cleaning a tub of fish by the river when two boats came in pulling a catfish between them. They backed a pick-up into the water and pulled the fish on board. I walked up to the bait shop and watched them weigh it. It weighed 147 pounds and was a blue. It was caught on a trotline with shad for bait and had been shot to try to prevent it from swamping the boat. It was fileted out on the spot and put on ice. Never did hear any more about that fish but I don't believe it ever went into any record books. Anyone on here ever heard of that fish.