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    Just want to thank LakeNormanBlues(Mac) for the good tip. Jason, my oldest son and I fished the Jetton park area Thursday night. Because our wives didn't want to sit up all night waiting on us we only fished from 8:30pm to 10:00pm. We power drifted the points and coves using frozen shad and a couple bream. We landed 5 really nice blues and a channel cat( all on shad). The smallest blue was 4 lbs and the largest was 8 lbs. We missed a couple fish, one due to a hangup that broke the line (30/50) and another one on the bream (probably a nice flat). The 8 lb blue had 21 mussell shells (whole not halve) in its gullett. It was stuffed. For a short trip it was really great. Thanks again Mac. ( You must really be "The Boss" !) Joel
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    NC kerr i have noticed the same thing. the fish eat those mussels whole and i guess the muscles die and open up in the fishes intestines. One of them that I caught had over 100 really small muscles in it! I noticed the muscles in the stomach were still closed, i presume they were still alive, and the ones further along in the digestive tract were open. also noticed that you can tell right away when you catch one that has been eating shells, because their anus is puffy and huge. hahahahha...but i might have to start fishing with clam shells and see how i do, ha