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Good Night

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well folks, i must sign off for the evening...the wife thinks she has gall stones, and has been in pain for awhile..the hardheaded old broad won't let me take her to the doctor or hospital, so an ambulance trip is surely in her future...she takes awfully good care of me, so i will try to return the favor

i appreciate all you men and women... glad to be a part of the BOC :D
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yelp, good night. I got one that takes care of me and I like it. . Best do your part. Got you and yours on the prayer list. Get her checked out.
Phil & Wife, good luck! I hope she gets to feeling better soon.
Phil, I hope she feels better soon. You guys will be in my thoughts.
I hope everything turns out alright for your wife.She will be in my prayers.I hate hearing about bad things happening to good people(even if they are Pat fans) im just kidding i really hope everything turns out alright, keep us informed
Wow. Phil--- you take care of your wife.

Dont worry: the BOC will be here when you get back.

This is where we all come to play as a created brotherhood... but when the foundations of our individual worlds begin quaking, we must hang it up for a moment and tend to that. For what is necessary here, your brothers will cover for you here. You do what you need to. You know as well as I do that when something is needed from the BOC, the BOC rises to meet the need- so if you are put into that position, you let us know and we will come to your aid.

You have many praying for your wife.

Take care Phil and hope everything works out and she feels better.
thanks everyone
she feels great today. i am going to have to coerce her into an examination before another episode. she is so darn hardheaded about going to doctors - it scares her to think about it.....i am simply going to have to put my foot down :D

last time i did that she stomped on it :eek:
Phil, I hope the wife gets better. :sad:
Wow Phil, sorry to hear all that. When and where will the procedure be done? My wifemate will be having hers removed 10/6 at Tulsa Regional Medical Center. Would that not be a heck of a place for you and I to pass some time together. LOL
Hope everything works out for you.
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