Good Night Friday Night

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    Iowa / Missouri
    Went to a local oxbow and while the fishing was slow the lake gave up some of the largest cats we have caught out of it yet. A little bit of a story... We were fishing and it's getting dark and the bite is slow. We talked a bit and then just sat there when the brother in law gets first bite and misses about three times. Finally hooks up to a nice bullhead..... cut line and let fall into lake. He then gets another bit and sets into a nice channel cat about 5 lbs and does the BS start flying now. He's the greatest cat fisherman to hit the lake, he's so good at fishing he ought to be outlawed on Iowa waters, etc, etc. I hook into a nice one that wraps himself around a lilly pad stem and I break off so I'm just a little upset and I have to listen to the never ending... I would of go it in, a good fisherman would of landed that fish, etc, etc. Then I get into a nice fish and get him to the boat so he fumbles around trying to act like he's getting the net and taking his time but he finally has to get the net. He then makes a couple half hearted attempts at netting this fish because we have a rule that if doesn't get in the boat it doesn't count but he finally gets it netted and I have a 12lb Blue. I decide to keep it so it goes on the ice and I go on to land 7 more channels to his zero, none, nada, HA HA! I don't think he got a bite the rest of the night but I did let him net my fish so he kept busy. It was a great night on the lake.
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    Good job, Bill. I'm glad somebody is catchin fish...:big_smile: Sounds like you had a great time.

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    Sounds like a great time brother, glad you found some fish. Keep up the good work.
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    Thanks for the post brother. Sounds like you guys had fun. Good fishin', Jack.
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    lol good job, its alwys funner when you outfish somebody:big_smile: