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    i have tried a couple of times to start this thread, and it has simply died.
    i feel very strongly about people that do good at personal sacrifice, and you should too.

    let's post good things that people are doing and offer appreciation and prayers of thanks for said folks.

    my first candidate for hero of the year:

    what a GREAT quote...
    this man is a hero to me :crying:
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    Here Phil I will make it easier for others to find. Sometimes these pages dissapear on us and are hard to find. So here it is folks.

    This Man IS a TRUE HERO!!!

    Thanks Phil, for posting this.

    Hero's Kin Rips [NY] Times (for misleading excerpt of killed Marine's letter)
    NY Post ^ | 11/3/05 | Lukas I. Alpert

    Posted on 11/03/2005 5:21:14 PM PST by Uncledave


    November 3, 2005

    The family of a Marine killed in Iraq slammed The New York Times yesterday for selectively excerpting a letter he wrote predicting his own death, while the paper scandalously ignored a long passage in which he praised America's mission. "I thought they hadn't finished the story, that they hadn't told the whole story," said Timothy Lickness, the uncle of Cpl. Jeffrey Starr, 22, who was killed in Ramadi in April during his third tour in Iraq.


    The Times wrote about Starr and included a segment of his letter last Wednesday in a 4,265-word story about soldiers killed while serving multiple tours of duty. It appeared to mark the 2,000th Iraq war death. At the very end of the story, the Times printed an excerpt from the letter — which Starr had intended to be read by his girlfriend in the event of his death — in which he wrote,
    "I kind of predicted this . . . A third time just seemed like I'm pushing my chances."
    The Times stopped there, but the letter continued:
    "I don't regret going, everybody dies, but few get to do it for something as important as freedom. It may seem confusing why we are in Iraq, it's not to me. I'm here helping these people, so that they can live the way we live. Not have to worry about tyrants or vicious dictators. To do what they want with their lives. To me, that is why I died. Others have died for my freedom, now this is my mark."

    The Times did not respond to numerous requests for comment yesterday.

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    It should not be shocking that the Times did not print the whole story. The rest of the mans letter did not fit their agenda...therefore it was not included. That's just a drop in the bucket...the entire big picture is tainted by the media and the left because of their selective reporting. One feeds off the other....and they both have an insatiable appetite for grievous lies. Neither care who or what is hurt or sacrificed as long as their agenda is pressed forward.
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    This Man IS a TRUE HERO!!!

    Great post Phill
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    Rick Dent drives for Groendyke Transport of Enid, Okla. Dent saved a man and his two kids on July 14, 2004, near Jena, La. The three were trapped in their car in a water-filled ditch after swerving around a deer.

    David Tucker of La Grande, Ore.He drives for Seneca Foods of Marion, N.Y. He saved a California Highway Patrol officer that was being attacked by a drunken driver on Dec. 2, 2003.

    I guess we never know how we would react unless we are put in the same circumstances. I would like to believe I would go to someones assistance, but I also hope that I don't get put in that situation.

    Some people fold under that kind of stress, and that is why I like to applaud those that exhibit bravery when a fellow man needs help.
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    Phil, thank you for making the post.
    I called my wife to the computer to read Jeffery's letter, I was too choked up to read it to her.
    I agree with you, this man is a true American Hero.

    HERE is a direct link to for any that wants to pay respects to Jeffery.
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    Good post phil. I have some friends that lives in Jena , Louisiana. :confused:
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    Thanks for that great post, I emailed that article to a couple of friends of mine who want to believe all the bad stuff the media puts out there on the war and none of the good. This will help alot in making my point.
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    Great post, my friend!
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    good post phil for a minute i thought you were gonna spring the geico commercial ending on us lol keep up the good work