Good location? Two channels converging at a point.

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by JPritch, Oct 4, 2007.

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    I found two locations on my map that look like they might be good spots. It's where the main channel meets up with a sub channel creating a kind of "V" where the channels converge and inbetween the V is a hump of sorts. The channels are 20-25ft deep on both sides, and the hump in the middle is a 9ft shelf to a 5ft shelf at the point. Is this a good river fishing spot? And if so, what is the best way to set up on it? Should I fish the hump, the point, the channel edges on either side? Incoming or outgoing best? I don't know if blues tend to come up to the humps to get their food, or wait for it to wash down into the channel? I haven't been over these locations yet so I don't know what kind of structure may exist there, but I'm thinking the topography of the location itself is basically a structure.

    I might be totally off base here and please let me know if I am. I've just been studying my map really hard trying to identify possible locations I can target other than just deep holes - which haven't really been producing for me. I appreciate everyone's help.
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    i would ancor up close by and try all the locations u mentioned. They could be stacked up in the channels or close to the humps, what could it hurt to try all the places?

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    GMC Fishhauler is exactly right. You need to try all the locations because depending on time of day or what the water conditions are doing they could be in any of the locations. Anyway where two channels met that is typical bluecat structure and the hump just makes it that much better. John
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    I would try it a couple different times should hold a fish or two.