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    Important !!!!!!

    This gives us something to think about with all our new electronic technology.

    A couple of weeks ago a friend told me that someone she knew had their car broken into while they were at a football game. Their car was parked on the green which was adjacent to the football stadium and specially allotted to football fans. Things stolen from the car included a garage door remote control, some money and a GPS which had been prominently mounted on the dashboard.

    When the victims got home, they found that their house had been ransacked and just about everything worth anything had been stolen.

    The thieves had used the GPS to guide them to the house. They then used the garage remote control to open the garage door and gain entry to the house. The thieves knew the owners were at the football game, they knew what time the game was scheduled to finish and so they knew how much time they had to clean up the house. It would appear that they had brought a truck to empty the house of its contents.

    I never thought of this.......
    This lady has now changed her habit of how she lists her names on her mobile phone after her handbag was stolen.
    Her handbag, which contained her cell phone, credit card, wallet... etc... was stolen.
    20 minutes later when she called her hubby, from a pay phone telling him what had happened, hubby says
    'I received your text asking about our Pin number and I've replied a little while ago.'

    When they rushed down to the bank, the bank staff told them all the money was already withdrawn. The thief had
    actually used the stolen cell phone to text 'hubby' in the contact list and got hold of the pin number. Within 20 minutes
    he had withdrawn all the money from their bank account.

    Moral of the lesson:
    Do not disclose the relationship between you and the people in your contact list. Avoid using names like Home, Honey,
    Hubby, Sweetheart, Dad, Mom, etc.... And very importantly, when sensitive info is being asked through texts,
    CONFIRM by calling back. Also, when you're being text by friends or family to meet them somewhere, be sure to call
    back to confirm that the message came from them. If you don't reach them, be very careful about going places to meet 'family and friends' who text you.

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    That is some good information to have. Thank You, very much for starting this thread.

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    This is great to have this information.So sad we live in a world where we have to constantly look over our shoulder so to speak,hoping that evil doesn't befall us. Reps to ya.
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    Good info, I never leave anything in sight in my car or truck, and if I have to I leave my vehicle open, I would rather them steal what ever it is than have window busted open. I lost an bow like that once, cost me as much to replace the window as what I paid for the bow.
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    Thanks, Patricia! I never even thought of some of the possible troubles with the cell or gps. Always better to be aware!

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    Great info you just handed us . Had never even given it a thought till now.Time to change a few things in the ole cell phone.Thanks a bunch for the heads up.Reps coming your way.
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    Thanks for the post.

    When we first got our Avalanche with built in navigation I didn't think about how easy it would be for thief to find our home if the vehicle was stolen. After I thought it over I reset our home location.

    Also I erase our garage door code if the vehicle is left in airport parking or out of town. Remove the insurance card and vehicle registration for it has ones home address.

    I had a friend that had his vehicle stolen at a hotel in Dallas. He didn't find it missing until the next morning. He lived 300 miles from Dallas. But the thief beat him home. He or they had found his home address in the vehicle. Used the garage door opener, then broke into the house from the garage and stole what they wanted.
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    Thanks, Patricia, for the good information. It really makes me stop and think...

    One tip I've learned is to keep all technology out of sight. Usually, most thieves are fairly lazy (otherwise, they would work for a living...), and will tend to shop for a vehicle loaded with all the things they are looking for. If they see nothing interesting, they just might move on...
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    You can also get a PO box and use for that, rather than actual physical address.
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    That is some good information . Thank You
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    A greatly informative post for sure.
    It just goes to show that the more we indulge in the conveniences of modern technology, the more vulnerable we become to the low life criminal.
    I would list my home address on GPS as the local police station. Send 'em where they belong and I'd figure out how to get 'em to the same location from anything else they might use.