Good flathead locations

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by flathead_ky, May 15, 2008.

  1. flathead_ky

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    I fish a local lake that has very little pressure on catfish, I am trying to locate some potential spots to try for flathead. I have several spots with fallen trees and heavy cover, but would like some suggestions on some good places to try. Thanks
  2. catman from owensboro

    catman from owensboro New Member

    if the lake has flats in it. they well be around the cover and try rocky area's. live blue gill or blue gill heads.hope it helps

  3. catfishbrett

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    If your fishing from a boat,deep holes near shallow flats work really well,look for cover,old beaver nest or dams where the sunfish stock up at are really good. if your fishing from shore try to find a deep spot and a shalow spot and fish them both see witch one works best in that there a creek that feeds your lake?if so this is also a great area to try. if you find a spot and dont do anygood dont forget about it come back and try it later on down the road.hope i helped you out some
  4. CatFuStyle

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    Xenia, Ohio
    Im having the same problem, the club i belong to has a 15 acre lake and i know there is flats in there up to 50-60lbs. but catching them is harder than finding them on the rivers, ive put all kinds of bait out live and cut and manage the big channels, guess imma have to keep poundin the spots and hope to get onto some, i know they have been producing fingerlings cause weve caught a few in the 1-5lbs. range in open water but none of the bigger ones yet.