Good Fishing On Deep River

Discussion in 'NORTH CAROLINA RIVERS TALK' started by Tubby Catfishin, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. Tubby Catfishin

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    Ramseur, North Carolina
    Hey guys and gals I went out this afternoon bout' 5 o'clock and set up to do a lil' evenin cattin!! Man was I glad I went...... I caught 10 bullhead cats in less than 3 hrs and missed at least a dozen more. All were caught on frozen shad..... Had all intentions of taking the camera w/ me but forgot it.. Turned all of em loose and cant wait to get back out there and catch some more......

    On a side note I know a lot of you guys only wanna fish for monsters but when theres that many fish willing to bite I really like fishing for Bullhead cats! You can have non stop action w/ these lil fish and there a blast to catch on small tackle!!
  2. ncfowler

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    i get you on that, Using light rods and line can be more fun catching the little ones, Pound for pound cats are the hardest fighting fish out there in my opinion. For a easy lay back outing just set up a camp chair and put out a few rods, and light the fire, and relax. good job tubby.