Good day on the river or not?

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    Launched my boat about 1:00 today on the Ohio river. I didn't even try for any bait. They are scarace right now. The water was about 22.5 feet and 44 degrees and on a slow drop. The bite was a lttle slow today probally due to the slow drop and the water is still pretty muddy. I used frozen skips and shad. Had several bites but no takers so I kept downsizing my bait. And finally I caught a 18.1 lb blue out of 24.5 foot water. I did get to work on my farmer's tan (until it clouded up) and BS with a friend of mine I was fishing with. So I consider that a good day on the water! I hope it gets better for the ACATS tournament this weekend!
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    Hey I have one of those, LOL!!!

    It should be a good weekend, a bit nippy in the morning saturday but, should turn out nice.

    PS. Glad you and Adam had a good time on the river (while I was working, wishing I was out there, LOL!!!)

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    Walter Flack
    Dan, thanks for the report, hope ya all do well in the tourny