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good chum

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The best chum that i have found so far is called cat buster. You can find in your local academy sporting goods store if you have. if not i believe you can get it from their web site. you can throw it dry or blend with water for the most fowl smelling stuff you could imagine. works really good. but what other good chum have you found.
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Some of us are frugal, tight, thrifty, aka CHEAP.
On the times I use chum I just make it.Left over fish scraps, table scraps, old canned veggies, anything thats spoiled or on it's way to being rotten. IE bait that died or nearly dead.
I just put in a lightly sealed 5 gal bucket and let it set in the sun for a couple days. Talk about foul spelling!
Cracked corn, Milo, Soybeans, Soybean Meal, etc. Also table scraps gone bad will work great. God bless.
got abunch of old deer feed left over with allsorts of different stuff in it,been souring for bout 3 weeks now.
I work at a wheat storage facility, part time...
The old man said I could have as much as I want. When we clean out the "pit", we clear a 55 gallon drumb. My GOD is that the most disgusting thing I ever smelled!!!
Thanks for the tips on what to use for chumming. I have never tried it before, but I'll give it a shot and let you guys know how I do. ;)
You can use about anytime of grain but there some some that work betters than others. A buudy in Texas uses Wheat, Milo and Soy beans. I can tell ya that the soy beans is anuff to gag a maggot! :crying: I did not know anything about chumming until I spent 3 months with them. What an eye opener! :frk-big: Fill up a 5 gal bucket 1/2 way with your grain of choice, then fill it up with water until it covers the grain +2 inches. Make sure that you keep the water overtop the grain and keep the lid loose.
Oh yea, here's the important part: make sure when you transport it you put it something to keep it from spilling and make sure the wind is at your back when your flingging it out into the water. :sick-big:

Good luck
Catfish Huntr
I'm like FWMUD. I'll use anything handy to make my chum, but here is my favorite.

Fish carcasses from cleaning chopped well,
any type of honey or molasses,
any type of cheese,
a packet of saltine crackers crushed up well,
a beer or two if you can part with it,
garlic powder or cloves,
a big rock!

Put it all in a big tupperware container and freeze it. Then when you go out to the lake throw it infront of some type of current so it disipates!
I've never used chum b4, if u put grain in a bucket with water how long does it need 2 set 2 sour?
Also do u chum the same night u go fishing or a day or 2 b4?
After a week of souring the grain, secure a lid on the bucket and let it sour another week. Now it's prime and ready. I've used cracked corn 3 days after sitting in a bucket and had success with it. I will try fishing over my chum as soon as I through it out. Usually the best fishing is about 4 days after chumming a hole every day. And if you chum it the whole summer like I did, the fishing is fantastic all year!!!!!!! We caught over/close to 10,000 cats this summer from the same hole. God bless.
Do you mix equal parts of cracked corn, milo and soybean?
Doesn't matter. You can use one, two, or all three mixed together and they'll eat the heck out of it. God bless.
Asasin, thanks for the info, we will give it a try.
Cans of tuna, catfood, and dogfood...have all worked good for chumming for me.
Anytime. Love this site, it's a great place to exchange info ask questions. God bless.
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