Good chance for a fishing pole in the water!

Discussion in 'ALL OTHER FISH' started by Creteus, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Creteus

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    Loganville, GA
    Haven't been fishing in about three months. The weather is calling for rain tomorrow and it gives me a chance to get off the jobsite and put a pole in the water. Now my question for the BOC is where is my best chance? I've got choices from a small resivoir where crappie have been caught by folks I know, or a large lake aroung a dam. Theres the chatahochee river coming out the backside of the dam that the DNR say is heavely stocked with trout. I will be bound to the bank and don't really care what I catch at this point. As long as it can be put in a deep fryer. So where should I go for the best chance in catching something. Don't know too much about winter fishing so advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  2. T-Bone

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    Not really sure, never fished your state before. But IMO, I'd try behind the dam, sounds like you may have a good chance to catch some Trout. Fine eating right there ! Good luck to ya.

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    clk. tn
    Do you already have a fly rod? Try some of the creeks that run out from the dam and look were shallow water goes into a deep pool that will usualy hold some trout, so does cover as in a low to the water undercut bank or branches hangin out over the water.Trout seem to like fast water. Also look to the bends in a creek. What will you use as bait? Simple corn out of the can has never failed me. Alot of times you can see the trout if the water in the creek area is shallow enough. I was fishing at a dam in nashville or I should say the other side of nashville and the water after the dam went out into a big creek area and from their to some more big ones and a few smaller ones. Only caught one but we were just using flyrods and were not at all familiar with the place.