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    Hi Guys,

    Had a pretty good carping trip this afternoon/evening. Caught 4 but after you hear the story you may want to argue that I really only caught 3. But, we will leave that to those who are gifted in debate.

    Anyway, got to my fishing hole around 5 pm EDT. Was using canned corn, Wheaties doughball, bread and nightcrawlers for bait. Not a bite was to be had until between 7 and 7:30 pm. By this time I had all my rods baited with corn and had done a bit more chumming with the corn. Anyway, I got my first fish on between that 7 and 7:30 pm time and he was a very stout fish. I had been playing him for around 3 to 5 minutes when I got another one on one of my other rods. A guy and his son were fishing on up the bank from me and were watching me and I asked the boy if he wanted to take the rod that I had been playing the first fish on. He came over I handed him the rod that was in my right hand since I now had both hands full of two fighting carp. Well, the fish on the second rod was still pulling line off very rapidly, so, I was just watching the boy play the other fish. Well, he was playing him a bit to fast on the light tackle I was using and his Dad had to come and get in on the action and was trying to grab the line to get the fish in. I told him twice not to grab the line because I knew it would pop. But, he either paid me no mind or just was not listening. Anyway, the fish was there at the bank/waters edge and I could see him fully but knew he was not ready to be landed and then the Dad pulls on the line and it pops. The Dad looks at me patheticly and says, "You were right". So, he had heard me but did not listen.

    Anyway, the fish would have weighed between 10 and 12 pounds.

    Well, I managed to finally wear down the other one, got him on shore, weighed him (7lbs 6 oz) did the CPR number, rebaited and in just another couple of minutes I had another scrappy fighter on, got him to shore and he weighed 6 lbs 10oz. And then about 10 minutes later I had another one on. He weighed 4lbs 12 oz, same as the one I caught last week.

    The Dad was kind enough to take some pix of me and the different fish and I was very thankful to have someone there to take the pix, instead of me just having to lay the fish next to my rod and take the pix myself. But, it does burn me a bit because the Dad did not heed my warning about grabbing the line and trying to pull the fish in. I have seen the line pop to many times when someone grabbed the line, especially when using light line like I was using (6 pound test). But, maybe the Dad has now learned a lesson and will never do it again. But, it cost me getting to weigh the fish and photograph it.

    Anyway, wish I could have stayed longer, since they were really starting to get active. I threw some more corn out and pieces of bread and as I was packing up to leave (just right before dark) I could see them feeding on the bread on top of the water.

    For whatever reason (at my fishing hole) it seems that I never start getting into the carp until around 7 pm or later. Guess maybe that is when they come to check that particular area out.

    Anyway, I have attached three pix of the ones that I got to weigh and CPR.

    Hope you enjoy,


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    those are some nice fish, i havent caught a carp in i dont know how long, i need to get out there and catch a few again