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Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by litltman, Jan 10, 2007.

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    hi guys, about 25 years ago on lynches river in s.c I was fishing with a peace of cut brim, on the bottom with tite line and rod.when I hooked into a carp that turned out to be 17 lbs. we tried to fry some of him, it was not so good.however, my mother took some of it and hashed it up and made patties out of it with salt ,pepper, and onions, and fried it up in a pan, and it was good carp. havent tried any more since then. thought I would just share this with you. have a blessed day.
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    I know what you are talking about. When I was young, my mother would put carp chunks in a food processor and chop it up fine. She would add some asian spices and mold into a patty. She then fried it and we had it with noodles. Tasted very good. Nice you brounght that up.

    Welcome to the BOC, everyone here are kind people.

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    Never tried carp in patties, only in fillets. Carp DOES have it's own flavor, which ain't that bad IF, and that's IF, it's cleaned right. Carp must be bled (just like a stuck hog) to begin with. In the waters I'm at I'll no longer bother to clean a carp any larger than 6-7 lbs because the meat is just too coarse for our taste. Euell Gibbons had it right when he said to "chop to tails off and let them bleed", and this has to be done while the fish is fresh and not been dead or on ice. Knockem in the head , cut it's tail off, hang it up for about 10 min and let it bleed, then put it on ice, or fillet it out if youy're ready. I'll also trim some of the most red meat out of the middle of the fillet.

    But carp does indeed have an acceptable flavor for bonafide fish lovers IF cleaned correctly, IMO.
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    well i don't eat carps, I use carp as cutbait... well I heard some people do smoke carps but not me..
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    I've never tried carp, but I'd try it if I could find a waterway with them in it that is considered safe to eat carp out of. I wouldn't want to eat a really big one either, maybe one that is 3-4lbs. I have tried buffalo before and it is pretty good. I have heard about a similiar patty recipe for suckers, I heard you just run the whole sucker through a meat grinder, kind of like salmon patties (pretty sure you gut, scale, and cut off the head and fines though first).

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    You can make any fish taste pretty good with the right seasonings. IMHO let the carp go and try for more tasty fish like kitties.

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    Never heard about bleeding on...I will have to try it.