Good bye Lake Russell

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  1. droptine77

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    Anderson, SC
    Seen On the front page of the Anderson Independent that Congress has approved it to where building can begin on Russell in the Calhoun Falls area. Will not be long before developers will turn into another Hartwell. Better enjoy it while we can.
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    Pat Chaney
    I'm afraid we've got to get used to it, 'cause it's gonna happen everywhere sooner or later!

  3. chrisblue

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    That really sucks but it was bound to happen.
  4. weathermantrey

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    It's not what you think....

    The Corp Land around lake Russell is still in Tact and no docks of any sort are allowed on this land. However, many developments have sprung up around the lake being advertised as "lake front" lots. These lots seem to be selling despite that fact the the landowners can't build a dock.

    The area you are refering to is actually part of the land given to the state by the army corp when the lake was built. This land was of course set aside for calhoun falls state park. About a 1/2 mile stretch of this land is just a small sliver of land that goes around the lake. The land above this area was bought by a development company and they have the ability to put boat docks on this land b/c it's not owned by the Army Corp, and the State has decided to allow it.

    I know this because my dad won the bid to build the docks for this development. He's building 5 community docks; a total of 200 and something slips for a little over a million dollars.

    If you have some money to invest I would suggest buying some of these lots now!!!! 5 years from now there ain't no telling what they'll be worth, since it's the only area of that has lakefront lots with a boat dock slip.