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Discussion in 'Bluegill Fishing' started by flannelman, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. flannelman

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    i was at the pond by my house today and came across a real good way to catch bluegills. this can be used to catch them for bait or whatever you want. this rig is ment for ultralite tackle. i was using a 6ft ultralite rod and 4lb line. heres what you do. you tie on a floating cricket imitator fly and leave about 2 to 2 1/2 feet of line then add a medium size split shot(heavy enough that you can cast it and hold the fly in one place in current). the amount of line may vary as to depth since you want the fly to float at the surface. then just cast it out and let it sit. if you dont get any hits with it sitting, move it very slowly about a foot and let it sit again you might get a hit when reeling in the fly . i landed about 5 good sized gills this way in about 10 minutes.
  2. Netmanjack

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    I am going to give that a try next time out. Some times those gill's just wont take real meat. lol

  3. slab1

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    sounds like something i will try for sure!!
  4. kspor

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    I have used flys and bug immitations on a short piece of line like that for years. Really just drop and see. Lets you work the water well if you have a long cane pole or a 12' crappie pole.
  5. frisco66

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    Are you guys talking about topwater bluegill?Never heard of/seen it.I gotta try it-sounds awesome!
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    Thats the best way I have ever fished for bluegill. I used to run flies for them all the time back home. I always used a small fly (brightly colored) and ran it about 1 1/2 feet behind a torpedo floater. The split shot is the same concept, weight for distance, but with the torpedo, the entire rig floats and you can cast just about anywhere without getting snagged on the bottom with the split shot. You can get the torpedo floater and a cheap pack of flies for about 5 bucks at walmart, and it makes for a fun time. I also tie them like that for my little nephew who is just trying to learn but gets frustrated not being able to set the hook on a plain floater. This way he can work on his casting, and about every time he reels the line in he gets a fish.
  7. Brushy Bill Roberts

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    I have caught topwater bluegills for years. Its called flyfishing. It is a blast.
    The foam bodied spiders with rubber legs work great. You can get plenty of bait in a hurry, and some fillets for sandwhiches while your waiting for the flatheads to bite. You dont need a $300 fly rod for this, start with a $35 -$40 shakespear set-up. You will discover an incredibly fun way to fish.
    If you have trouble with the casting, tie a bright colored piece of yarn on the tippet and practice in the back yard. I have caught bluegill, smallmouth & largemouth bass, and for a real adventure, go after some carp.
  8. slabinator

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    What a great idea. I'm going tomorrow afternoon. I'll give it a try.
  9. SeedTick

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    Hey Guys, I have used a variation of this for many years. I use a small cigar, torpedo bobber and I've found that if you will put a small split shot right in front of the bobber and the next size larger right behind it it is easier to work. Put enough weight on it so that it just barely floats and with the front lighter it is easier to use and you don't have as much trouble with moss and stuff collecting on the shot. Just before it hits the water I try to put my finger on the line to slow it down and that helps the fly to be laying straight out with no slack between it and the bobber. I like those little cheap dry flies from Wal-Mart too. On those days when the bream just won't bite because of weather conditions or something you can usually pick up a few with this rig. I have even used it with a small hook and a small piece of worm or wax worm and crickets.

    You will also have fish hit the bobber and that's fun too.

  10. JMarrs328

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    Flyfishing for bluegills, most fun way there is!!:big_smile:
  11. AllenM

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    I'm looking forward to trying fly fishing this season for trout and will be giving it a shot at the lake for gills as well. The way I usually snatch up the smaller gills for bait is to use a tiny trout hook and the smallest soft bait I can get. I just got where the shoreline has a lot of cover, then jug with it between the larger rocks and crevaces, around fallen timber, and so forth. Usually pull a gill out of every 3rd hole I try.
  12. rednecksportsman511

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    dang that's a great idea...why didn't i think of it? lol great tip, i'll try it next time out.