Good Bite on Wylie

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    Today I was lucky enough to make two small trips. I headed out this morning to catch some bream for the afternoon trip and ended up getting onto some bullheads. Before it was done I had caught 23 bullheads around a pound or less. The action was hot for about two hours and then I had trouble location where they had moved to.

    Another note, the shellcrackers seem to be on their beds. I was trying to catch bream along a sandy bank and could not get a bream for all the shellcrackers. I used one for bait and it was loaded with eggs. Most were small, but I did catch one that was around a

    I got out on Wylie this afternoon following the arrival of a cold front. We missed the rain, but the winds with the high pressure were there. 15-20mph winds were howling down the lake.

    I started out around 3:30pm and fished until around 7:30pm on the lower lake. The bite was not off the meter, but I did manage to catch some nice fish including my personal best channel cat; a 9 ½ pounder on cut bream. There were several fish in the 5 pound range, a six pounder and several four pounders. Considering the wind and the weather change I was more than happy.

    The wind made the drift tough and it limited where I could fish effectively. I plan to revisit the same areas when some calmer winds are in the forecast. The total for the day, including the morning bullheads, was 34 catfish.
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    I may hit Wylie in the next few weeks since it fairly close to home.

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    Ace and I took our better-halves to wylie last Sat. We had 25 good fish, a good blue, 3 flats,the rest channels, total weight,130 lbs. All on cut bait. Had a Good Day........