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    a man went fishin one day, so he told his wife. so the day goes by and its five o'clock, the usual time the man gets back. he's not back, so his wife calls his usual fishin buddy, and he answers the phone, supprised that hes home and her husband is not she askes the man if he went fishin with her husband today, he says no. as he says no he sees that his cell has a message on is from the man who went fishin. so he is listining to it as he is talking to the guys wife on the phone,, the messege is as follows.. If my wife calls you today dont answer your phone, i told her me and you was goin fishin at our spot, but im goin to the other spot, (which so happened to be a local strip club), the wife on the phone hears this message thru his phone and as you can imagine she was steamin hot.... So when the man gets back home he has some fish filleted in a baggie. The mans wife(who knows were he has been) asks how many he caught. he said 6 or 7. all hell broke loose.

    this is one of my dads true fishin stories, he bought the fish at the market, thinkin he was gunna get away with it, my uncles still razz him about it, so does my mom
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