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Gone Fishing

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I can't hardly believe, it But the wife is going fishing with me this morning. Its been along time since I got her to go fishing with me, its either to hot or to cold.
I planned on being out the door by five, and being at the steam plant around day lite, She's moving slow, hahahah....
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I forgot to mention,We are putting in at the steam plt, I talked to whistler last night and he will also be out there, if any of You feller's are out there and see us give a hollor, I'll be fishing outta a BIG BLUE 2072 wareagle.And will fishing fishing about half way between the steam plant and Dover.
Feller's we got us a fishing trip planned for tomorrow night, I called and talked to John Stephens last weekend and he said he could get the Skipjax since he lives close to the dam, and I talked to him this afternoon and he said he had about twenty skips, I have been looking forward to this all week and I'm hoping to hang into a BigUn..
I hope to see you all out there, We will be fishing around the steamplant or down river from there.
can i come but i have no boat

dusty U.S.M.C
Bluecatnut, I have somewhat of a big boat, But don't realy care to fish with more then two in the boat, plus we are going to be out at night. Maybe we can get together and fish another time,.....
John I enjoyed talking to you on the phone last night and I'm glad your fishing trip to Texas was a good one.
I'm looking forward to getting out there and fishing again with you next w/end, I hope we have luck on getting fresh skipjax and bluegills, The flatheads seem to be getting pretty active on the cumberland and I hope we get us a bigun,,,,
Tom don't be sore mouthing all the fish there. LOL
Sure thought we were going to get to camp and fish there for a few weeks. But that looks like it fell through.
Marilyn had to stay Tuesday night and looks like this Tuesday night. but that may be it.
So I will just try to make a trip up when the fish are bitting and the fuel is cheep...LOL
Pete,if your waiting on the fuel to get cheap, Then you most likly will never fish the Cumberland, if it ever gets below two dollars a Gallon it will be a miracle, Like I have said before,The muslems couldn't get us on the battle field but they are whooping us at the fuel pump,,,,,,,,,
Well put there Tom. LOL! That red hat is you brother! Ain't quite as nice as the stetson,but it will do. LOL! What does it say? Your fishin time of the year is comein up and I got the pics and video to prove it. LOL!
Howdy Big George, I'm hoping to land a bigun soon, its been a Long time, Beginning to wonder if they've all packed up and went north, up there where DH lives, Hey I still got room in my boat for a fine feller's from Jersey to fish , plus I got a spare room for you to sleep in since I evicted the son..So come on down...
Tom your right on the fuel prices. But the bad thing is our truck burns diesel, And its higher then gas.
That boat does not burn much gas. so that I can handle. Hope to get up there when the fish turn on good.
Pete, it is a shame the way our gov has just sit back and * Well I better let that bear sleep.
I didn't think about your truck being a diesel, that makes it rough, But like you said you can save some money with the four stroke,.....
Yes Diesel is over 50 cents higher here. Regular is $2.69 and diesel is $3.25.
Tom did you do any good fishing over the weekend?

canepole said:
Pete, it is a shame the way our gov has just sit back and * Well I better let that bear sleep.
I didn't think about your truck being a diesel, that makes it rough, But like you said you can save some money with the four stroke,.....
No, Pete I stayed at the house and worked on the old ford, I had to replace both shock brackets on the rear place the shocks, I'm going to be fishing with John Stevens in his boat at C/city saturday morning, we plan on meeting at 0700 and fish till we throw the towel in, The river is way down here and they havn't been releasing much water, We need about a week of good hard rain..
I finally got a chance to get on line to see how everyone's doing. I hope the fish are biting for you all. I finally made it to Iraq. We're north of Baghdad and south of Tikrit. Kinda stuck in the middle of the whole mess. Anyway, I hope you can finally catch some of those fish now that I'm not there feeding them all the Good luck to all and keep those lines wet. Oh, Canepole, sorry I didn't get a chance to get out there fishin with you. If everything goes well i may get some time off around Feb or March. I'll see you all soon!
Good hearing from you, And I hope all is well, When you get home, and you want to go fishing just give me a hollor and I'll take you fishing, And hopefuly put you on a big un, Keep in touch,,,
My brother is home from Navy for a short and I would love to see him hook up to a bigin. He grew up fishing the cumberland but has been in the navy for over 20 years, I'm not sure where to take him. Is anybody having any luck in this cooler weather? Any ideas could help. I live close to Dover and have boat.
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