Gona share some ol river rat info

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Welder, May 10, 2009.

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    Brother DirtDobber brought up mayflys. Fishen tree lines full of em here on the mo river is always great. Everything feeds on the mayflys when they hatch out and cover the bank willows. Fish the holes that come up to the bank off a bend. Flatts and blues will feed on em and the other fish that come up for em. Seen a post on gill beds find a good bed and night fish it ya cant go wrong. Now for the kicker!! If ya got mullberry trees on the river with ripe berrys and they hang out over the river or the water is up in em (FISH EM)!!! Carp and other fish go nuts on the mullberrys that fall in or get put under by high water. Cats set up and go nuts on the baitfish that feed on the berrys. Had a ol rat show me how last year and I had some great fishen for blues and flatts on small carp,shad,buff fish ect. Not to mention a handfull of mullberrys is always a great snack lol.
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    Catfish also eat muskedime that fall into the river . A guy showed me while gutting some one day and they were full of them!!!!