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  1. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    :) I have read a lot of talk about using goldfish.What size are you using?also
    where are you getting them?
  2. tanner

    tanner New Member

    Somerset, Kentucky
    they're about 3-4 inches long and i get them at a local baitshop.

    :rock-big: rock on!

  3. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Hatchery is the cheapest place to get em if you can find one close by. They are great for me near the dams. Good luck if ya try em.
  4. brian sax

    brian sax Guest

    i know of a kid who uses them on his limb lines and he catches some nice fish with them, on our lines we have caught a few with them. you can get them at most bait shops. they are about maybe four or five in.
  5. jovy1097

    jovy1097 New Member

    I've never had much luck with them for some reason. Tried small bream in the same place and would catch fish. Just my experience.
  6. Abu

    Abu Guest

    If I don't have time to go baitfishing for warmouth and gills I use goldfish. I start searching all the baitshops in my area for the biggest ones I can find. Biggest ones are usually $2.00 around here although I have seen them as high as $6.00 each. I like the goldfish as well as any flathead bait I use but hate to pay for them unless I have to. The bigger ones are very lively and last along time on the hook.
  7. capt.kirk

    capt.kirk Guest

    Thanks for the info.I think it is best for me to stick with what im using.
    I have an area close to me where i can throw my net and get blue gill
    golden shiners-finger mullett and shad.I do pretty good using them live
    or cut.I was just wondering if i was missing out on something that i had
    not used before. GOOD LUCK& GOOD HEALTH TO ALL. :)
  8. BassMassey

    BassMassey Well-Known Member

    i prefer goldfish but they are expensive.....if u do use them get the biggest ones u can find.........they are very lively and stay alive forever.....
  9. Master Juggalo

    Master Juggalo Guest

    This is a pretty old thread but thought I'd just stop and say me and my father have a "Bait" Pond with Goldfish, minnows, shinners, and chubs. Also we introduced Bull frogs to the pond its about 25 by 10. anytime we need bait we just seine it. :cool: The preps of living on a farm.
  10. Environmentor

    Environmentor Guest

    Sorry, goldfish are illegal in Iowa and cannot be used in Iowa or bordering rivers (Mississippi/Missouri) so I haven't used them. However, I bet their color would really make fish crazy. I have used rosey red minnows (they were/are legal in Iowa) and the bright reddish color outfishes regular minnows in most waters I have used them. I have to be stickler for the law since I want a career in conservation, cannot get a conservation job if I break the conservation laws.

    I know the feeder goldfish are cheap at the local pet shops (25 cents each). They usually sell a few sizes. The largest my local petshop has is about 2" to 3" and if you want to go larger it costs alot more (at least about $2 for the cheapest goldfish 3" or more). So you might be limited on size, check your local pet shop. Also, try the different color morphs and spots (white, orange, brown, gold, black). Different colorations might prove different. Maybe a specific color really triggers a reaction by immitating a malformed baitfish.
  11. Dragger

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    North Carolina
    blue-gill, shinners, mulett, and shad , aint no better bait. take a kid and go fishing...........
  12. kspor

    kspor Guest

    They will breed in a horse tank. We used them to keep the water fresh in our stock tanks. started out with about 10-25 1-2" fish and by end of summer had tons of em. They grow fast fed cheap cat food. I had some in my pond this year that nearly doubled in size in about 3 months. Watch the herons tho. Man are they gluttons for gold fish. You can buy feeder goldies for around .10 ea. If you have a old horse tank or can make a small pond then you can raise your own bait. Dont buy pond liner from a pond supply. Visit your local roofing supplier. ODM rubber liner is around $43 for 100 sq/ft
  13. Baitkiller

    Baitkiller Guest


    For the Flatheads (?) Goldfish/Carp can withstand the higher water temps down in FL and stay kickin better then Gills but am not sure about Mullet. Give them a try guy and compare. Alot swear by them!
  14. Wyndigo

    Wyndigo Guest

    hey Capt. Kirk you may want to check the fish & game page for the rules on using goldfish, I think its illegal to use them here in florida.
    Wouldnt want you to get into any trouble

  15. coalminer78

    coalminer78 Guest

    I've used them in a farm pond once with no luck on a trot line(please don't look at the my state of residence if you are a game warden).
  16. flathead_ky

    flathead_ky New Member

    I just started using them a little last year. I did lose probably my biggest fish ever on a goldfish. I was fishing about 4 feet deep one night with a slipfloat rig and the goldfish was about 4". I did get a 8 lb Blue that night on one. So after that night, it kind of made a believer in them, but gills are my fav flathead bait.