Goldfish as bait in Lakes?

Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by Rottdog, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. Rottdog

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    Hello to all the Brotherhood,
    I began Catfishing late last summer and in doing so got my Uncle fishing. My uncle and I only fished at Pony Express and Lake Jacomo.
    We tried several different baits as we broadened our knowledge on Catfishing. The one bait that I could never figure out was the Goldfish. My uncle brought some on every trip, some brown, some gold and some in between. Neither one of us could get a bite on any of them, however we continued to hear what a wonderful bait the goldfish is for all species of Catfish. Are they only good in the river or do they attract cats in lakes as well? We tried them live, and we cut them just about every way possible to no avail.
    I also was curious what the Brotherhood thought about using shrimp in lakes? I only tried them twice last summer and I caught 3 turtles and one channel that was about 4 lbs.

    Thanks to everyone for taking the time to help me out with this concern.

  2. dougc

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    The goldfish work good for flatheads, but in those lakes cut shad should be your best bet for channels and blues.

  3. FishinRich

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    I would perfer shad first, then shrimp after that cut up bluegill. Just not much luck with goldfish. :lol:
  4. Netmanjack

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    Gold fish work great! I have had success with them in every kind of water. I use Bluegill and other live baits because I can catch them free, but if I could, I would use a couple of big gold fish every trip, they just cost to much.
  5. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    First of all, unless you are fishing for flatheads, I wouldn't use goldfish. But if flatheads are what you are after, then they are awesome! Check out the post Fishing Mark Twain Lake in Mo. and you will see why. Keith and I caught about 20 flatheads in 3 days while in May before they went on bed. The first day three fish we caught were 55,57 and 59lbs. They all three were caught on 7-10" live goldfish Almost all of the fish we caught that weekend were over 15lbs. The picture shown above is a 45lb flathead caught in late April on goldfish. They tend to work the best in late April -late May before the go on bed. Also, bluegill work well but they don't compare to goldfish. If blues or channels are what you are after, I would stick to cutbait shad or skipjack.
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    Kingwood, Tx (Houston)
    I've caught blues on goldfish, but prefer bluegills, shad, or shrimp.