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  1. cathunter26

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    columbia, mo
    I have heard of people catching goldeyes for bait. Where do I catch them and will my throw net work? any help apreciated.
  2. theonecatfishbob

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    Wright City, Missouri
    I get a few in the mouths of the creeks. Also in the calm water just below the ends of the wing dikes. But I dont get a lot of them. I use a cast net


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    MO / MT
    In my experience....which was shown to me by a guy I met on the river....I had never considered using goldeyes for bait until I met him, and so far IMHO, they make the best bait! Unfortunately he is not a member of the BOC. I talked to him about it but he wasn't interested, he told me he "doesn't like the COMputer's".

    What this truely wise river man told me, which has yet to fail, the goldeyes like to hang out near the surface of the water near metal objects in the current. For example the anchored barges that are in the river. The goldeyes tend to prefer the current, therefore it is very very nice to have two people on a boat in order throw the net. One driving the boat and one throwing the net. I motor up to the down river side of the barges and throw the net as close to the barge as possible, sometimes actually hitting the barges. Keep the retrieval line tight as you can feel the little buggers hitting against the net and when you feel them, quickly pull on the retrieval rope to ensure that the net closes.

    I also tend to catch quite a few with a sabiki rig when I'm fishing for skips.

    Hope this helps
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    East of KC
    I've never seen goldeye/mooneye like you guys have on the Miss.! That weekend I was over there with my dad and uncle I caught more goldeyes in a couple of throws than I've caught in a couple of YEARS on the MO:sad2: And to back RAT up, we were right by some anchored barges. I idled up to talk to a guy who was throwing his net, he said he'd caught all he needed and we were welcome to throw there if we wanted to, and we STILL caught a ton of them after that guy had just loaded up. Unreal. In the spring on the MO you can catch them in the creekmouths, but they're few and far between. Good Luck!