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Anybody fishing the missouri river around Lexington ever do any good fishing with large golden shiners? I have been trying some that range in size up to about 9 inches but no luck where I have been going. Also I was wondering if there is better fishing spots above or below the Lexington ramp. I have just started fishing on the river here and would like to at least know I have a chance to catch something on the bait I am useing and the areas I am fishing. Thanks for any help guys.
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Thanks BKS72. I might still have to hire you for a night to go out there and learn a thing or two. Gonna try a couple of more times and see what happens. I have some frozen skipjack that I am useing also but I have always had better luck on live bate for the bigger catfish. I really like to use live shad in the 8-12 inch range but I dont know where to get them on the river so I am useing mostly golden shiners and bream from the pond in my front yard. It does save me a lot of time looking for bait and I also seem to have a never ending supply right now. Thanks for the help and I will let you know if my schedule opens up for a night fishing trip.
Hi Harold

if your wanting shad for the river higgensville city lake is pretty close to ya and has alot of big shad in it ya could net from the bank or boat

around the pump house and dock is ussually good or the east point over next to the club house of the golf course .

I fished the oddesa city lake alot for bass years ago I cant remeber if I ever seen any flip in that lake or not but ya might try it also
also harold levasy pay lake has a fish farm next to it on 24 hwy that use to sell all kinds of live bait from carp,, perch,, goldfish ect
Has anyone tried mapleleaf lake for bait? I havent had time to get on it yet but it is only about 20 minutes from my house. I might check it out sometime this weekend. Thanks for all of the other ideas guys. I hope I can put some of this info to good use soon.

not sure ya would want to throw a net in maple leaf its full of crappie beds and alot of sea weed/ hydrilla if i spelled that right and moss

but around the nice plattforms and docks ya might be ok but really look it over first
when i was fishin it in spots was full of good structure and brush .

but its a wonderfull lake for kids or elderly folks with the nice docks they put in not really docks kinda like coverd plattform things that are very comfy to fish off of .

its full of channel cats and crappie now lots of action for folks and a very safe place for a family and well kept ..

not sure if ya drive towards the city much but if ya do blue springs lake and lake jacomo have tons of shad also .
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