Going To Murray Tonight

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  1. AllenSease

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    South Carolina
    Hey Fellas,

    I plan on heading out to Lake Murray Tonight. Don't have a Boat yet so i planned on fishing off the bank somewhere. I Go out to Koons landing and to the little Dock directly over the Dam on the Irmo side.

    Anyone know if the Cats are doing any good there. . .Everyone keeps telling me that they are Real Deep right now on points 20 - 30 Feet but i don't have the Gas to make it out to Billy Dreer Island.

    Anyone got any Suggestions / Reports about those areas?
  2. kycatman01

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    good luck, allen! be careful!

  3. Patmansc

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    Greer, SC
    Pat Chaney
    Hope you get into some nice fish - good luck!
  4. RiverratSC

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    Gaffney, SC
    Haven't heard anything about Murray lately but good luck.
  5. laidbck111

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    Do you know where the SC&G #3 fishing area is off of 378? If so that is one heck of a good bank spot. When you pull in park about halfway betwee the shelter and porta potty walk straight down and that's the spot. There is a channel that runs through there about 25-35 feet off the bank, depending on the water level now. I was useing night crawlers and cut herring and did real well. Larry Koon's is close to another good hole if you can get out to the islands. I watched an old timer fishing right off the pier catch a mess of eater catfish and bream right off of the dock beside the boat ramp. Good luck.