Going to Durant and want to fish

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    Hello all,Me and the family will be going down to durant to church to see Duane sheriff,and was wondering where some good fishing is close by? I am thinking that texoma state park will be the best bet and cllose to Durant
    I am hoping for some pointers on fishing area and whats working there.also how i9s the lake level?If I have missed somewhere that is public fishing access which may be better than the state park?Yet as I say close to Durant.
    Peace and plenty,
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    Grew up on Texas side;Willis bridge has fishing acces on texas side of the lake on the west entrance at Juniper landing. There is a dock by the boat ramp you can fish off. I could tell you how to get to some honey holes but it may be a little drive. There are some places off the beaten path. Also Cedar landing by where the guides clean stripers produce 50+ fish. A good spot on a point is also close to the bridge; also its a beach for good swimming. Pm me I know lots off spots. Willis bridge is hwy 377.

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    If you fish the Texas side, you'll need Texas licenses. Usually the State Park areas have places you can bank fish...if not, most people just pull off the side of the road to fish. Make sure you don't create a traffic hazaard though. Good Luck.
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    hey kevin, wish i was going with you to hear Daune Sheriff, I have alot of his tapes and love to listen to him. But over by the dam on the okie side there is a park that has some good fishing areasits called burnsrun recreation area. it is not too far off of I-75, close to durant.
    I hope you get a great blessing and a good word from God when you go to bro. sheriff's.

    kevin kidd