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    So I am taking the family to DC for the weekend.Friday is tour day plan to take in the Natural History,American History and Air and Space museums along with the monuments.

    Second day will be spent touring Andrews AFB then fishing the rest of Sat and Sun for me :D

    Any suggestions to make the trip as fun as I can for the kids?
  2. plainsman

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    The Smithsonian is pretty interesting.

  3. Pip

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    Far as fishing goes. Head down to Fort Washington state park. You then drive to the light house, right along the river. last 3 state records came from that area. Not uncommon to hook up with at blue at least a 30#er on any given cast.

    Smithsonian is always a hit with the kids.... and adults. You can hit Georgetown or Alexandria and take a ride on the water taxi's. They run the potomac to National Harbor, sometimes going on down to Fort Washington for a longer ride for people, which is a huge complex, eating, movie theaters, stores, you name it. Just opened up last year.

    Maybe hit the fish market for a couple hours if you love seafood. Some of the restuarants have excellant food at not toooooo bad of a price.

    The monuments are always a big attraction also. Washington, Lincoln, the Mall are all popular spots. Arlington cemetary and "THE WALL" is a humbling experience when open to the public.

    Maybe check out a tourism website for DC and get some ideas there also.

    Have Fun.
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    I spent a little time in DC in the 70's. Glad I made the trip.
    Lot of histroy to see.
    Smithsonian was a cool place to see.
    Check out the WH too. Lot of stuff to do in DC
    I'm sure things have changed since I was there.
    maybe go by a travel agency and pick up some brochures of things to see and do while there.
    have fun, enjoy your trip