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    Hey Bro's, I'm heading to Bloomington to do some repairs on a Frat house for a week starting next Monday. Probably crash in one of the dorm rooms. Anyone have some spots to bank fish. I'm trying to get my boat ready by Mon to take. Will definately hit the dam below Monroe if it's not up too high. Pool looks about 552 now. Anyone know what level Hardin ramp closes? That's about the only place Iv'e fished around that area. Any help would be appreciated or if someones want to hook up and fish one night. I will have a good roofer with me if anyone needs some free help with storm damage. Feel free to PM me. Fish on!
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    hooterville indiana
    jim check out google earth and look for roads intersecting or ending in the backwaters/feeder creeks of monroe. i wish i could tell you a few spots but i dont get down there like i used to.

    hope you get a hog or two: tim

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    are you specifically targeting catfish? If so, I would use bluegill around and downed trees, that's where the big flatheads will be hanging out. Worms or chicken liver under a bobber around the causeway can absolutely be dynamite too.

    If going for crappie, go across the causeway (SR 446) and turn left as soon as you get past. There are some docks back there that give up alot of nice crappie. They are private so ask if you can fish and they usually don't mind as long as it is after they close, so fish evenings.

    My buddy caught a nice walleye last week using a crankbait along the causeway and the whipers have been running fairly decently along there, makes for some fun action!

    All of these are if you are fishing from bank, if you get your boat let me know and I will give you a few spots to try with it!
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    Went to school at IU. The only thing I remember is Lake Monroe is pretty far fro the city of Bloomington.

    Did catch my personal best hoosier bass at Lake lemon in 1993