going to be working in Kearney - Any good catfishing spots?

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    I'm going to be working in Kearney For a few months is there any good fishing spots out there.
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    nebraska city
    i think johnson res. is near there

  3. jrgriffhusker

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    Minden, Nebrask
    Bassway strip is about 6 miles east on the interstate and is a good lake for bass and bluegills. The platte river runs right there too. It's not very deep but fish have been caught out of there. Sherman resivour is N of town, Harlen County is S of town, Johnson and Elwood are both west of town. All are a good distance away from Kearney but they are pretty good fisheries. And if you want to go to Johnson we have a brother who has a cabin up there. His name is Mark and if you put a post on the Johnson lake report I'm sure he'll respond to you. He has a nice boat and will probably meet you up there on the weekend.
    My stepmom and dad caught 5 catfish up at Johnson this weekend and a sh**load of crappie so the bite is starting to pick up out there. Good luck
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    Hastings, Ne.
    Hey! Johnson Lake and Elwood are great lakes, not far fron Kearney, Ne. South of Lexington 7 miles. It's approx. 30 to 40 miles WSW of Kearney. Both lakes are fairly small. Johnson has around 2500 acres of fishable water and Elwood Res. has 1500 at full pool, but because of the low water I'm guessing it's more like 500 or less acres of water.

    Boats can still be unloade at Elwood, but be careful. I got my boat out there last Saturday and had great success on the catfish. Check out my post calles Elwood Res. Update!!