Going prepaired...or not

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    Well I learned a few things the last week, go ready to catch a fish or stay home. Last Friday night I should have had a landing net. I got the fish in but a landing net would have made climbing down a bunch of huge rocks alot easier.

    The sad reality is I lost what would have been my largest fish to date because I gave the pier landing net I bought to my brother. I didn't think I would need it. I bought it because I fish from piers....duh.. Anyway last Sunday at 6am I pulled in a large cat at the annibelle lee, sad fact is the fishing area is a large slab of concrete about 10 feet from the water. So when I went to pull the fish up from the line it broke. Even if it didn't break with the gloves it was hard. The line was burring in really tight on my hands I could tell it was iffy at best..... I bought another net this week. I'm ready at least with the net. I'm sure there will be other bumps in the road since I'm new to the sport.
    good luck
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    I could not agree more, I try to put a large amount of planning into my trips. I also like to leave the items that I use in the boat in truck, that way I don't forget them................................Of course you have to worry about thieves in this scenario so there is really no way to win!