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    Early in the morning, we are driving up north, first to visit my grandparents house and then we're headed out to the Jersey shore. We got a great place to stay in Cape May and beside building sand castles and riding waves I will be doing some surf fishing. Last time we went there was 3 years ago and I caught some sand sharks, a couple stripers and a puppy drum. so this year I got better gear (its not saltwater gear but I'm gonna rinse it out after it gets wet) and I'm gonna get my bait out farther beyond the waves. I'm gonna use exclusively clams for bait, since that's what I had all my luck with last time. hopefully I'll get something amazing. better than a skate or a sand shark. hopefully there will be a striper run and I can get a big striper. anything big will satisfy me, since I rarely ever get to fish in the ocean. I'm gonna take a break from cats and gar for a couple weeks...wish me luck

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