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going for the record

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Hello gentlemen, I just have a quick question. My fishing buddy and I have been scouting all summer and have a lake that has record size fish in it . The lake is about 55 acres and 20 feet deep(good by denver standards, but small by most of your standards). I could use any advise on ways to catch the big one!!! We've had really good success on sucker cut bait in the area. We are not afraid to put the time in to do what ever it takes, if putting the time is all we have to do so be it, but anything will help. Will we have better chances other times of the year fall?winter?spring?Everyone says shallow at night.How shallow?10?15?20feet? Thanks for any help
FISH ON!!!!!!!!
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It really depends on the weather situation and the cats feeding habits in the lake. Certain times of the year I would recomend going to the deepest hole you can find and sitting there. Like winter here in order to catch fish you need to go deep and move often because the cats are inactive. How ever in the summer monthes during the evening and night, the cats move to shallow water 4-6 ft to feed.

As far as bait goes. Try a little of everything. When using cut bait and looking for a big fish though, rig for big fish. Use larger chunks of bait, larger hooks, etc. For instance I always have 1 pole dedicated to big fish.

On that pole I use a larger circle hook and a larger chunk of bait. i also always try and throw that pole away form the others. It often works well for me.

Don't be afraid to move either. I have fished Mendota out here in Califorinia for several years now and every year I seem to get bigger and more fish, the reason is because I explore.

If you move around really explore the area and try different baits it is just a matter of time before you find the 'big one"
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I would go with what centralcalcat is saying. Also break the lake down into small areas and go though them slowly. Good Luck to you.
I would invest in a good graph (fish finder), start to look for heavy structure on the bottom of the lake in or near deep holes. Look for sudden drop off shelves from deep to shallow water. Set up on these shelves and wait for the big boys to move into the shallows at night to feed. Mark the lake off into grids and study one grid at a time. Good luck.
Try Barber ponds on Hy119 just west of I25. Years ago they used to be pretty good for cats.
the biggest channel i've ever caught was in a 1 1/2 acre pond. it was 21 lbs and caught on a rapala original floating minnow while i was bass fishing. oh yea and it was caught at about noon in july
hey im new to this name is corey taylor i live in nebraska and love catfishing
for big channels and some flathead i go with homemade blood bait.. my biggest channel off blood bait was 24.7 in about 6-10ft of water ... i would try some cut bait or if u know how to make bloodbait try it... it works!!!!
tell me how u guys do
Corey Taylor
Welcome to the BOC Corey,

I think that there is no set recipe to what wil catch a monster cat, everyone can give good advise, but as far as a full proof method, none exisits.
I would also try to pinpoint the main forage in this lake for the big cats is there a large shad population or mainly bluegills etc. That approach always seems to work best for me and fresh bait almost always improves my catch .Like some of the other guys said too look for likely spots with a graph and narrow down the lake to sections instead of attacking it as a whole. GOOD LUCK
Time, effort, bait and knowing the water you fish are all part of the key to fishing a lake. learn these and the habits of the fish and you stand a better chance of catching more quaility fish. Oh yeah I almost forgot the most important thing LUCK, we all need it and wouldn't mind having more. So good luck on your quest.
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