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    Hello to all my catfishing brothers! i have returned from nevada and my Brownie trip, i nailed some real nice brownies, bigger and meaner than any i have caught in california, and i found some gold. Now i am reading the fishing report, and it says the canals around firebaugh are hot for striper, what do you guys think? i know most of us are going to be at the slough, i might stop in on my way back, cant wait to meet you guys, your all a great bunch of people, but back to the canals, i really want to catch some stripers to eat, any spots on the canals to go? and what is the best bait for the canals, i actually acatch big cats out of them too, so any ideas?:tounge_out:
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    I'd try bass ave below the dam or take the 33 toward firebaugh and hit the canals at Nees. We will be at the slough as soon as you come in by the bridge on right hand side. Look forward to meetin ya and good luck out there. Thanks for the report too.