going carpin today, need bait help!!!

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by katboy, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. katboy

    katboy New Member

    i usually fish with corn and have awesome luck. i have nothimg for dough balls. what else can i use???
  2. mcwrestler

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    Apparently my long post did not go through, so I will be abbreviated. USe bread on a number 2 hook, Tear off the crust and place the hook in the middle of the square, this next part is important ONLY SMASH THE BREAD AROUND OR ABOVE THE EYE OF THE HOOK the part around the bend and the point should look normal, like plain fluffy bread. It should resmble a balloon. Chum the area with corn and bread mixed with vanilla, and be near your rod. I was too far away yesterday and by the time I got to the rod, the fish was around stumps. Bread and corn can catch them consistently for me. My 27lber came on corn and worm on the hook,I have caught a 19lber on a pineapple chunk hair rigged, and many on hair rigged corn. Simple is sometimes best, but if you feel adventurous look up and hair rig and experiment.