goin to milford

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  1. Dallas Alexander

    Dallas Alexander New Member

    I'm going to milford this weekend. Any one have any tips on what to use for bait. I was told to go to the wind blowen bank or cove.Any info would be great.
  2. Catfish Fever

    Catfish Fever New Member

    Wside, Mil
    Dallas, welcome to the BOC. Where will you be heading in from, and how many will be in your party? Jerald and me will be going out this weekend I'm sure. Be happy to show you some spots. Send me a PM and I'll get you my cell number so you can contact me, I'll tell you how to get to my place and we can go from there.
    I live right by the entrance to the Curtis Creek campground (which is closed just now, opens 15 April I believe)
    Right now, all the Cat's we've been catching are on shad guts. Occasionally on punch bait.