Goin home....

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    Well maybe not home..but close.

    I'm heading down to St. Augustine on Friday the 27th until the 4th of July. I'm gonna be staying at a condo along with my entire family under one roof. This will surely drive me insane therefore I'm seeking a place to find a cat or two in the area.

    I lived in Ocala, Marion County for most of my life but I've been in SC for ten years now so I'm not new to the state but not familiar with that area.

    We are also open to any ideas on things to do in the area. With all of us in one place we are gonna need to occupy ourselves or we will kill each other, LOL.

    If anyone lives in the area and just wants to enjoy meeting up over coffee and swapping out fish stories...well that would be cool to.

    Cant wait to go back " Home '.