God's Intervention (Part 2 of 3)

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    Since this new thread was lost, due to what happened with the server and hard drive, on Sunday, I am reposting it. Since, it was only available for a few hours. And, in some PM's to me, it was suggested that I repost it, to get those who were interested up to date. Part 1 of this story had been posted a few days earlier.

    Part 2

    As I told you, at the end of part 1, Max's pain got worse as he pursued the ministry that the Lord had called him to. His days were filled with nausea and vomiting. And, most of his sleep was nothing more than short cat naps. But, still, he prayed and searched the scriptures. Since, he knew that his relief had to be in there somewhere. Or, that he would have to find some other Christian who knew how to help him overcome all the things he was feeling inside.

    Max and Linda attended many different churches, trying to find one that they could call home. And, during this time, Max talked to the pastors of many denominations, in an effort, to find out what was required to become a minister. He visited different Bible colleges etc. He seemed to leave, no stone unturned, in his pursuit of what the Lord had called him to do.

    Finally, Max chose the denomination, with which he would affiliate himself. And, he began his studies. And, oftentimes, his pastor would ask Max to take the pulpit and preach or teach. Max was honored that his pastor had this confidence in him but Max felt that he was unworthy. And, he would never ask his pastor to let him preach or teach. Since, he was determined that he would do nothing of his own accord but only when the Lord opened the door for him. But, Max was always prepared when the opportunity arose for him to minister what the Lord had been teaching him. He had really learned more in his individual studies than he had in his required studies for his ministerial credentials. And, what he learned on his own proved to be of more worth to those that he would minister to.

    Max and Linda did a lot of visitation in their small town. And, many people were blessed because of it. And, started talking about it. They (some) even made mention of it to Max's pastor. And, asked him, "Why don't you and your wife visit around the town like Max and Linda do?" They are such a blessing to us.

    Max's pastor turned against him and accused Max of trying to take his church. And, during almost every service, Max was attacked, accused and slaughtered from the pulpit, by the man who had shown so much confidence in Max. Max did not want his pastor's church. It had never crossed his mind. He only wanted to minister and help people. Also, during this time, Max's own inward struggles were getting worse and worse. Although, he was proving to be a blessing to others and helping them get through trying times, he was in agony. He would be on top of the world when he was helping or had just finished helping someone. But, a few minutes or maybe an hour would pass and while alone, Max would often fly into a rage, beating the walls with his fists. He was pleased with how the Lord was using him to help others. But, angry and frustrated that there seemed to be no help for him.

    During this time, Max had continually fed on all the wrong that had been done to him. He did not just feed on it once a day. But, rather, he had it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and midnight and in between meal snacks. From the calamity, that had earlier struck his life (which consisted of lies, mockery, deceit, treachery and betrayal), to the false accusations against him. Max carefully and continually sifted through everything that had happened. He was very methodical and meticulous in his scrutiny of every little detail of which he was aware. And, he kept finding more and more lies because things just did not add up. He would often think he had gotten to the bottom of the issue but then as he pondered on what he knew, he would find that something else did not add up. And, when he would finally get the truth on that particular point, he would be devastated again.

    It was a vicious cycle. But, Max kept probing. He wanted to know the whole truth. Afterall, the truth won't hurt you will it? At least, that is what Max had always believed and heard. But, he was finding that the truth was ripping his insides apart. He kept discovering lie after lie, more deceit and treachery. All of this mocked at him. Max was devastated beyond words and his emotional pain was beyond belief. Max often thought that his head was going to explode, he just could not comprehend how people could have done this to him. He asked, the age old question, "Why?" But, no answer could satisfy him. Since, it led him to ponder more and more. Thus, bringing up other questions.

    Gradually, Max's body showed the results of what this was doing to him. He started losing a lot of weight, he said that he probably weighed around 185 pounds when all this first started. More will be said about his weight and condition in part 3 of this story.

    Anyway, Max had been hurt and hurt badly, by the actions of others. But, after his hurt, there came the anger, resentment, hatred, bitterness, rage, unforgiveness and the desire to hurt back. Revenge plagued his thoughts. He took off one day and headed back to his home state. He determined that he would kill at least one of the group who had hurt him so badly.

    Max waited outside of the place of employment, of the main perpetrator. He had determined that he would use his truck to run this guy off the road where there was a very steep embankment and go right over with him, hoping to pile his truck upon the other guys car and that they both be killed. Max did not care if he died or not. His pain was so great that he wanted any kind of relief.

    As the guy left work, Max followed, he was a couple of cars behind him. Those cars finally turned off and Max was directly behind the guy but following at a distance, hoping that the guy would not recognize his truck. The steep embankment was coming up. Max made his move, and quickly got right up behind the guy. Now, he had him where he wanted him. The embankment was within reach but Max's foot would not push the accelerator any further, he tried and tried but his foot did not respond to what he was telling it to do. He was furious. He followed the guy to his home, jumps out of the truck, runs up to the guy, thinking to himself that he would beat him to death with his fists. Max starts his punch or swing but finds that the momentum is not there, it was like his arm was being stopped. Max's rage gets worse, he wanted to kill this guy but now twice, something or some force is preventing him from doing, what he so desperately wants to do. Max is desperate, he wants to do what he came there to do. So, he says to the guy, "Hit me!" For, Max knew that surely if he could get the guy to hit him, then he would be able to unleash his full fury upon the guy and either kill or maime him. But, alas, the guy who had been so bold and brazen (in secret, with others) proved to be nothing more than a pathetic and pitiful coward. Max even offered the guy a duel, with handguns, in an open field and would let the guy take the first shot. But, it was not to be.

    Max told me many other things that happened that day and how at every turn, God intervened with an unseen and miraculous supernatural force. And, how he (Max) went away feeling robbed of his day of justice and the end to his torment.

    So, here we are a month or two later. Max is no better. Although, he has been and is still helping others through what the Lord has taught him etc. But, Max, now sits alone, in the den of his home, with his favorite handgun in his hand, pondering the calamity that befell him, the lies, treachery, deceit, betrayal etc. And, how that he is still being falsely accused by his pastor at almost every service. He feels that it is hopeless. He cocks the gun and raises it to his head. He pauses for a second or two and then starts to squeeze the trigger. Suddenly, the phone rings, once, twice, three times. Max stops his trigger squeeze, removes the gun from his head, uncocks it and lets it hang at his side as he gets up to answer the phone.
    Max picks up the phone and says, "Hello." A somewhat familiar voice responds to Max, saying, "Brother Max this is Sister Donna." "How are you doing today?" Max then immediately recalls that this was the little woman who the Lord had used to answer his prayer about the ministry. He had only seen her one time since that night she came to him in that service and that was at another singing and he had briefly talked with her then. And, he had exchanged phone numbers with her. But, they had never talked on the phone before. She lived around a 100 miles away and the group she sang and ministered with only came to Max's area once in awhile. Anyway, Max answers her and says, "I'm doing fine." Immediately, Sister Donna replies with, "Oh no you are not doing fine!!" "You are standing there right now, with a gun in your hand and getting ready to blow your brains out!!!" Max was shocked and speechless. He could not speak for sometime but then finally he stutters and stammers as he says, "Uh, uh, uh, h-h-h-how c-c-can you know this?!" "You're a 100 miles away." "No one could know what I was about to do." But, then Max realizes that God sees and knows everything and can show it to whomever He pleases, if that person has an open heart. And, certainly, Sister Donna had an open heart toward God. Max cannot recall everything as to what all Sister Donna had to say. But, he knew that the Lord had once again intervened in his life, using this same little woman. Max hung up the phone. And, in wondrous awe, he sat back and marveled as to how great God was. But, still questioning, as to why he could get no relief from the inward agony he was going through. However, he kept ministering to others, in the midst of his struggles and the false accusations against him. But, once again, things would get worse for Max before they got better.

    To Be Continued
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