God's Intervention, Part 1 of 3

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    God more often than not, intervenes into the lives and affairs of mankind by utilizing other people. Who, are open to Him and are led by the Holy Spirit to do what He has asked them to do. The following story is true and based upon fact and witnessed by two people. Whom, I know personally. And, I also knew the person into whose life and dilema , God did come and intervene, by using two women who were filled with the Holy Spirit and followed His leading. This story will be in three parts. It is not verbatum as told to me but rather my paraphrase. Because, I could not begin to tell it exactly, "word for word."

    Part 1

    The year is 1982 and Max had been a Christian for around 3 years. He thought that everything was basically, supposed to be easy, once he became a Christian. But, he was in for a rude awakening.

    After a time, Max observed a lot of strife and division within his church (within the first year). And, was quite upset by it. And, could not believe that Christians were acting in that fashion, with all the gossip and self-righteous displays that he had been observing. He consulted with the pastor. But, it proved to be a fruitless effort.

    Max believed that he was called to the ministry. However, he was discouraged from pursuing it, due to things that had been said to him by his pastor. So, Max just forgot about it. He thought, "Well, my pastor and fellow Christians at my church surely know what is best. Afterall, I am just a new Christian and don't know much of anything."

    Gradually Max finally left that church (after about a year). And, stayed out of church because he did not like the gossip, bickering and back stabbing etc.. Afterall, it was not what his bible was teaching him. And, he felt that he was much better off, on his own. But, he did yearn for Christian fellowship.

    Calamity hit Max's life a couple of years later and he was devastated. He knew God was the answer. And, he diligently, prayed and sought the scriptures for hope and healing. But, he was blinded by all his pain and anguish. And, could only see glimmers of hope and healing from time to time. He wanted to die and leave all the pain and anguish behind. Anything, was better than this hell on earth he was living in.

    One day, while searching the scriptures, Max recalled the "call" that he had felt, concerning full time ministry. But, he thought, "Ahhh, that's just my mind playing tricks on me." But, the thought would not leave him. Finally, he prayed, "Lord, I think you are calling me to teach and preach your Word. But, I will not do it, if I think this is just myself thinking it or wanting it, of my own accord. You will have to show me. Because, I have so many thoughts running through my mind, that I have no idea where they are coming from. And, I want to be sure it is You. And, I hurt, Lord and the pain is more than I can bear. I cannot think straight and I am having evil thoughts that are wicked in Your sight. I want justice and revenge, Lord. But, You say, "That vengance is yours and you will repay." So, if it is You, from whence this thought of ministry is coming. How can you use someone as evil as I am? For, I am not worthy and I am unclean. More evil prevails my thoughts than good. Heed my prayer, Lord. I need your help.

    Weeks pass. Max prays the same basic prayer many times a day. He is relentless in his prusuit. He studies the scripture constantly, looking for truth and something that will apply to his situation. But, his thoughts run rampant with the pain he has suffered. He finds no real solace because his eyes are blinded. He is more focused on the problem, rather than the solution that lies in front of him. But, he still presses forward since he knows that God has the answer.

    One day, Max's wife (Linda) says something about going to a church, to attend services. Max agrees but tells Linda that all they are going to hear is a salvation message and nothing that has anything to do with what he is going through now. Max was right and he and Linda disappointedly left the church after the service. Max was saved, Linda was saved but they needed to hear something that taught them how to deal with what Max was going through.

    Max searched the scriptures more and more and prayed continously. He would be up all night, seeking God for answers and an elimination to his pain. He bought book after book concerning faith and prayer, in an attempt to discover if someone else could shed some light onto his dilema.

    He finally consulted with a few pastors about the pain he had been enduring. But, even if they did or had offered solace, consolation etc. Max could not see or would not accept what they were saying. Since, it seemed to him that they were doing things by rote and not by the power of the Holy Ghost.

    During all this time, Max, had never made mention (to anyone, in this new state, in which he was now living, since he had moved from his home state and church, to another state due to job relocation) concerning the "call to ministry" that he felt on his life. But, he continued to pray about it, each day.

    Finally, one day, a Christian book store owner invited Linda and Max to attend a singing at one of the local churches. They accepted the invitation.

    Max and Linda arrived at the church at the designated time and sat down on the end of the 3rd row from the back pew. Three rows up, in other words they were near the back of the church. The time then came for the singing to begin.

    Max could not believe his eyes and ears, as he observed and listened. He was seeing and hearing things that he had never seen or heard before, in any other church he had ever attended. People were actually having a good time at church. He saw joy and he saw tears, as people thanked and praised God for His goodness and mercy, as well as, seeing the tears of those who were truly sorry for their sins. And, then the joy and sometimes laughter as some accepted the forgiveness of their sins.

    Max's eyes were drawn to one little woman (of the singing group). Who, was not always singing. But, rather, in a bold and loud way, was proclaiming some of the scripture that Max had been studying. He knew it was truth. The service progressed. A thought ran through Max's mind, "That woman is going to talk to you tonight." Max dismissed that thought immediately, thinking,"It's all in your mind man, you're just dreaming stuff up." Then, suddenly, the music gets soft. The little woman stops speaking and moving back and forth across the front of the chuch. It's like she is waiting to hear something. Slowly she walks to the piano, lays her microphone on top of it. And, stands still for what seems like forever. Then, she turns and walks down the aisle, straight toward Max. She hesitates, a pew or two before she gets to where Max is seated, stops again and waits. After a few seconds, she comes directly to Max and asks, "Sir, are you a minister? Max immediately says, "No.". She immediately asks, "But, are you called?" Max, hesitantly, says, "Yes." She says, "The Lord has a word for you." And, she then said many words that Max cannot recall.

    Max was both stupefied and elated. For, the Lord had actually used this little woman to answer his prayer about the ministry. And, Max knew it was from the Lord. Since, that was something he prayed about every day. And, no one knew about it, except he and the Lord. And, Max did not cease to tell about how the Lord answered that prayer.

    Max had some relief from his pain for awhile. But, the further he pursued the ministry the Lord had called him to, the worse the pain got.

    To be continued at a later date.
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    What a wonderful story brother, thanks for sharing...

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    Mike, ya can't just leave me sitting on the edge of my seat man, I'm ready for the next part.

    I LOVE hearing about how God has moved in someones life.