God Knows

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    When you are tired and discouraged from fruitless efforts... God knows how hard you have tried.

    When you've cried so long and your heart is in anguish... God has counted your tears.

    If you feel that your life is on hold and time has passed you by ... God is waiting with you.

    When you're lonely and your friends are too busy even for a phone call... God is by your side.

    When you think you've tried everything and don't know where to turn... God has a solution.

    When nothing makes sense and you are confused or frustrated... God has the answer.

    If suddenly your outlook is brighter and you find traces of hope ... God has whispered to you.

    When things are going well and you have much to be thankful for... God has blessed you.

    When something joyful happens and you are filled with awe... God has smiled upon you.

    When you have a purpose to fulfill and a dream to follow... God has opened your eyes and called you by name.

    Remember that wherever you are or whatever you are facing... GOD KNOWS.

    Pray to the Holy Spirit in asking if there is anyone we need to forgive.

    Pray for someone who is difficult for us to love.

    May God Bless you and those you love, and keep you safe.


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    Brother that was outstanding to say the least, and so very true..

    Thanks for sharing this with everyone...

    Tried to rep you but gotta spread some around first.

    Your post deserves many reps brother...