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God bless texas

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Looks like the hurricane is gonna slam the texas gulf coast.
Theres no avoiding it so lets all hope and pray that by some fluke,maybe she'll lose her strength a little before she hits land.
Start now before it hits. If you're anywhere in the path,GET OUT NOW! I hope you read this after it's over and not before.Like a lot of other idiots, I rode out Hugo on the coast back in 89. It was pure foolish of me to even think of it.
Budget be damed,I went out yesterday and bought several cases of bottled water. They ain't for me,they're for the people who are gonna need it in a while if all goes wrong. Go out, get what you can because they're gonna need our help in a bit. There will be collection points setup soon.
You will never know how much something like a little bottle of water or a can of beenie-weenies means until you yourself get put in that position. I pray it never happens to you.
Please, do what you can.The memories of "relief trucks" streaming into North carolina after some of our storms is still fresh in my mind. They came in from all over.Time to return the favor.
God bless, keith
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Great advice there Keith I also hope and pray that none of our BOC family here receives any damage or lose of life. I hope and pray that the great state of Texas fairs a lot better that the rest of the gulf cost but fear the worst. If there is anything I can to help just let me know.
Amen Keith, and Well said.

This storm is not only going to effect the Texas coast, but will travel up through Texas, and effect the entire country. Lets all prepare to do our part in helping out now. Prepare to give, money, food, water, and ourselves. These people are going to need it.
I agree with Keith. Hope all our B.O.C. brothers and sisters GET OUT,, this storm is no push over. Texas you have my prayers. Please all Louisiana and Texas Members Please Post as soon as you can letting us know where and if you are ok!!
Well said, Keith. Looks like they are on the ball and taking no chances with this one, though. I saw the mayor of Galvaston on TV this morning, and she really seemed to have it together. Prayers are with everyone down there.
I'm in Texas but luckily I live in the Dallas area. I have family in the path of the storm and they are already headed this direction to stay with my aunt and uncle. I have a stupid friend who is in Houston waiting it out. I tried like hell to get him to come and stay with me but he refused. I'm praying he's going to be alright. I have a feeling I'll be headed that direction as soon as clean up begins. My prayers go to all of those unable or unwilling to leave.
Texas seems to be on the ball in getting ready for this storm. Bad thing is, the La. people are having to evacuate twice. Mother nature has cause many hard times this year. Texas is helping the first victims, now its going to hit us and I hope its not too bad but Texas is getting ready, papering for it and hoping for the best.

Being in E.Texas, I know I don't have as much to worry about as others but........ a loss is a loss. Right now I can't afford to lose a dollar. LOL.
We was going to have a garage sale this weekend. We needed the cleaning up and money from this sale. Been working on it for bout 2 weeks. We have boxes and boxes of stuff sitting out. Since they are saying we might get a Category 1 or 2 in east Texas, ( up 75mph winds) we are now trying to rearrange, tie down tarps etc. so we dont loose our stuff we have spread out all over our place. No way to pack it back up. Just have to trash it all if necessary. I don't think our stuff is going to hold up to high gusting winds. We wont flood here ( maybe a flash flood ) but I am having to make up a few sand bags to put around our car port. Rains like we are expected to have from this, will cause some flooding in my car port were all our stuff is. I don't like G.S. LOL.

After this storm is over, if their are any people who need clothes, we have plenty and will give them to victims if they need em, thats if everything doesn't get soaked and blown away. Course the red cross still hasn't gotton all the cloths that was donated the first time.
I got Ski ropes rap around tarps and weighted down etc. Been working all day on it. headed to town to fill up both trucks, gas cans and get food, propane etc. in case our elect goes out. We all ready have jugs of frozen water in our freezer. I'm getting my 4wheeler gassed and oiled up and my chain saw ready. The winds they say we will get, trees will come down. My house is surrounded by huge oak trees.

This happen bout 10 or so years ago and we could not get in or out of our rule neighborhood without 4 wheelers. I rode mine to town and got supplies. LOL. Some trailers out here were turned over etc. Big mess. Bout 40 families live out here and I was the only yard who didn't have damage. Could be our turn this time.

My wife thinks I'm over kill, I think we are in for a surprise. I hope she can say, I told you so, nothing to worry about. Maybe I am over kill but hey, I learned something from boy scouts and experience. Be prepared. Don't wait till its too late. I just hope this thing doesn't hit land hard.

I am not looking forward to holding down the fort. I hope all we get is rain but who knows about mother nature. I like watching storms, but I don't like it when people have huge losses, die, etc. For all who is dealing with this, I wish ya'll the best of luck and the whole coast is in our prayers. prepare for the worse, hope and pray for the best.

Good luck everybody.
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i have been keeping up on tv the gov from texas said that they learned alot of katrina and they have NG and USAR people ready to go in and help the victoms out, when HUGO came back in 89 S. okla got 24 in of rain, alot of flooding i hope it dosent come down to that again i live only 50 miles from the texas bourder, i quess all we can do is just pray GOD BLESS THE USA
I just found out that another family is going to be staying with my Mom and Dad in Plano Tx. Its my moms cousins kids and thier kids. I've never met them before but I am glad there gettin out of there. They left the Beaumont area at 6:00am this morning and we still havn't heard from them. I guess the traffic is awful.
I live in Lufkin Texas, 125 miles north of Houston. We are expecting very high winds, and lots of rain here Saturday. Im more worried about the high winds than the rain.

I live up on a big hill, so im not worried about getting flooded where I live. However, there is only one way in, and one way out to my place, and the lowest part of the road is down at the bottom of the hill.

It will no doubt flood big time, as it floods when we get 3" of rain in a short amount of time. We have stocked up on items we may need just in case. The traffic going through and around our loop is bumper to bumper. Gas lines are terrible here.

The store's are selling out of water, bread, can drinks, batteries and you name it. I just pray that this Storm loses some of it's force before it hit's land. If it doesn't, Galveston and several small towns around that area, will be lost.

Pray that this does not happen, as I know some Folks, will refuse to leave and put their lives in grave danger by staying there.....
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I hear ya Bud. and Amen. I am not too far from ya,. Wind will be my main problem. This could produce Toronto's in our area, not to mention plain o gusting winds.
Our prayers are with all of ya'll. Please be safe. If any of you need a place to stay up this way just let us know, you are for sure welcome in our home.
Love, light and prayers going out to those in her path. May God watch over everyone.
Bud and Dano, please keep us posted and let us know that you are OK.
Amen, you Texas boys hunker down and be safe.
They ain't nothing to play around with.I've been thru a couple and they ain't fun
God bless yall!
Well, all of my family got in late last night. It was good to see that they were okay. As for you guys down in the Lufkin area. Hold on tight cause its gunna hit hard around there. I live in a little bitty apartment, but if anyone needs a bed I have an extra futon. My doors are open if anyone needs it.
Big Nick, glad your family made it in. One less thing to worry about.
She's starting to slowly effect my area. Its clouding up as I type and winds are picking up a little. Last I read this morning. They are still saying up to 75mph winds for us and up to 10 inches of rain, plus a couple more days of rain afterwards.. Guess its time to tuck and roll.
Wife and I are still trying to tie down everything in case of high winds. There is only so much rope I can afford.

Our main worry is the big oak trees around our house. I'm insured but not very well. I sure am glad I don't live right on the coast. I'm starting to get a little worried about our area. We have people pouring in from Texas coast line. My area may not be the best place to come. I hope our weather man is wrong about all this.

I really do hope all gets though this OK.

Keith, thanks for the " God Bless Texas "
Well, so far so good here. The wind has picked up some but not bad.Still no rain, but if we get what they are forecasting, there's gonna be a lot of Folks under water for sure.

The traffic going thru Lufkin is unbelievable!!!!! There are Folks just sitting along the side of the road every where. Gas stations look almost solid with cars. Some stations have brought in 3 tanker trucks of gas per day.

Now that's a lot of fuel.. It's just a plain old mad house here, and the people are very rude and angry at everyone. Every road here has cars backed up on them. I'm sure glad I don't have to work this week end...

The Hospitals have called in every one to work. Lufkin shelters are Full. Evacuee's are being sent further North. There's no telling how many people are here now, and they just keep on coming.

May GOD spare us all from a major Storm. Galveston area is now a ghost town..
Well Bud, I think you got hit hard by what I been hearing. Hope your OK and didn't loose anything.

We got lots of rain a few gusty winds which did some tree pruning of dead limbs around my place. Got a clean up on aisle 3 and got to get my stuff ready again. LOL. I needed to start a fire anyway, now I got some kindling. LOL. My sand bags did help and kept my G.Sale stuff from flooding.
Really other than rain, 30 mph winds with a few gusting winds, not a problem. Some areas around me did have fallen trees. I've PMF and gotten more wind than our weather man said we was getting. LOL. He is still on TV this morning saying it aint over till the fat lady sings. We have sunshine today. I think its over for my area. Our weatherman should settle down a little. He is more excited than a chicken on a hot plate. LOL. I'm glad things wasn't as bad as predicated. I sure did secure our fort for the worse.
Guess Houston and other areas have some cleaning up to do. Maybe its all over for this year.

We did have elect and water go out for a few hours and our water is still out.. I was ready for that. Cooked a cowboy stew on back porch. Had plenty of water, ice on hand. I didn't buy bottle water, just filled my own jugs and filled both bath tubs. A person can just about buy a 5gal water jug and fill it yourself for the price of a case of bottle water and have the jug for next time, are camping etc. Lots cheaper than buying bottled water.

Have ya ever taken a shower in the rain. Its cold. LOL.
Anyway, my area wasn't as bad as expected, I hope all got through it OK.
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