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    I have been fishing for a 1 1/2 weeks with no channels. So last night I go out and am prepared with shrimp,doug bait,chicken liver,cut bait and worms. I fished until 3 am with no action on my baits so i took off 3/4 oz sinker, threw on a split shot instead of heavy weight and stuck a night crawler and hit the bank line. Instanly im catching suckers, carp and squawfish. Then I figured Id cut the guts out of the sucker and net them. Within 5 minutes of my pole in the water I was fighting a channel. Maybe it was just the split shot in the slack water and I just know when to set the hook sooner and better than with the heavy weight but Im telling you, guts are the way to go. Also when the nights are slow with no cat bites, throw on a worm and have some fun with the carp and suckers, better than being completely skunked.