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  1. Poppa

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    Pinson, Al
    Forty years ago a buddy would come up and say go get your gun and
    lets go hunting this evening. You knew what to get, you got your shotgun.
    Your shotgun was your gun. You hunted rabbits, squirrel, doves, duck,
    quail, crows and anything else that was in season or causing problems,
    like a fox in the hen house. You used the same gun for everything, you
    just changed what you feed it.
    Those were fun times. Small game was king. Everyone hunted and no one
    opposed hunting. It was a way of life in the south. Farmers would allow
    you to hunt with a warning. Be sure to lock my gates and don't shoot my
    birds. By birds he was talking bob-white quail. Most landowners quail
    hunted. The land owner had no problem with rabbit hunters and squirrel
    I remember the first deer track I ever saw. I told people about it and
    even took disbelievers to show them. Little did I know this was the begining
    of the end of hunting as we knew it.
    Now we have over 2 million deer in Alabama. Everything is managed for
    deer. Deer is a money making business for many people.
    Times have changed to. Gone are the small Farmers, hedge rows, and
    briar patches. People who row cropped now have cattle or catfish. Farmers
    today plant every inch of land. No one burns off their land the way they
    used to. Hardwoods have been replaced with pine trees.
    You very seldom see a covey of wild quail. Bird hunters buy their birds and
    put them out. Rabbits are hanging on but hawks and coyote are wearing
    them out. Squirrels are doing ok where there are hardwoods, but you have
    to wonder how long the hardwoods will last.
    I deer hunt now. I own several deer rifles and muzzel loaders. I have many
    tree stands and boots and all kinds of camo clothes. My sons are both
    deer hunters, its all they know. Between the three of us we have killed
    well over 200 deer.
    I suppose I am a good deer hunter. I know about wind, and scents and
    the habits of deer and their weakness and strenghts. I know how to read
    sign and have a nack for picking ambush points.
    Deer hunting is a solitary sport. You spend hours alone in a tree stand.
    Sometimes I feel more like an assassin than a hunter.
    I really miss the days of some one saying Go get your gun. The joking and
    laughter of your buddys. The sound of a pack of beagles. The sound of
    a tree dog chopping the top out of a tree. Shooting the shotgun dry and
    seeing the smoke coming from the hulls laying on the frosty ground. You
    roll the shotgun on its back and start cramming shells in it from your
    vest automatically. In some ways those were the days.
    Do not misunderstand I am not knocking anyones sport. This is just an
    old mans thoughts when he is in a tree stand watching a place where
    two hot trails cross and the wind is in your face. Good hunting Guys.
  2. Jacksmooth

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    West Virginia
    I grabbed the shotgun last year that had been in the gun cabinet since 2005 and decided to go squirrel hunting. Most fun I have had in years hunting. I only got one squirrel but it was enjoyable getting to walk through the woods for once not worrying about scaring off that elusive whitetail. Im going to do some more of it once season starts here.:smile2:

  3. bobs bait

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    north carolina
    i have to agree with you as i do not hunt now as it is not much fun for me anymore as where i live you need to drive 2 hours join a club when i lived back home upstate ny could walk out the door let the dogs out and have fun now i just fish and think about the good old days bobs bait
  4. Mickey

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    Thanks for bringing back some fond memories of hunting and the way it once was. As I read your post, I was thinking how my grandparents all had single barrel shotguns stacked in a corner. Each member of the family had one or two and a double barrel was a cherished gun. Like you said when someone said lets go hunting, the shotguns were handed out and they tore out across many farms hunting. No permission to hunt needed. They worked the next day as hard as they hunted the day before.
  5. phase5supply

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    Hope Mills, NC
    Thanks for sharing that, I wish I could have lived in those days I can only read about them and once in a while have an older gentleman share them with me. Thanks
  6. Blue Duck

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    Very good post Poppa. I remember those days. Sure has changed over the years.
  7. TJD

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    At family get togethers my uncles would also say "Get the guns". Two of the uncles and several boys would head for the woods. There were shotguns and 22s, mostly single shots. They were un-loaded until uncle Johnny picked the shooter and gave him a shell. The little guys carried the old Daisy BB guns. We brought in all types of small game. It made for a great wild game supper. The little guys were allowed to shoot at squirrel nests. Owls and hawks were also targets. They fed on our chickens. There was a quote when an owl or hawk was gunned down "We just saved some ones chickens". I know we were not Politicaly Correct but we learned good manners in the woods or fields.
  8. CountryHart

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    Poppa, this post almost brings a tear to my eye and without a doubt one of the most enjoyable i've seen. I grew up in this era. Folks had a bird house with pen reared quail, momma raised and trained dogs and we hunted religiously. I carried momma's A-5 browning a many a mile. Dog come down and the first thing out of her mouth "gimmie that gun boy". Then i got to shootinh the model 12 daddy had. Had to stick the stock under my arm:eek:oooh: Talk about rockin a kids world,,,wow it kicked. I remember when my school turned out for opening day of both squirrle and deer season. Everybody hunted and hunting wasn't commercialized. All ya had to do was hunt, no such thing as posted, painted or gettin run off. Like you i fashion myself as a good deer hunter. Have nice guns, cloths etc. and have killed tons of deer.This post takes me back to a time when life was simple and free from worries. Think i'll try and kill a mess of limb-rats this weekend.

    SGTREDNECK New Member

    That's are great story. I also remember similar days to those. Except mine took place in the north. Thanks for sharing. Makes a man look back on the old days.
  10. BubbaCat

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    thanks for the memories .. still have my continental side by side!
  11. TJD

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    [QUOTE= I remember when my school turned out for opening day of both squirrel and deer season.

    Modern educators scoff at these old ways, but I would rather see kids spending a few days with the men of their tribe than the sissyfied people who run the present day schools.
  12. Paraguayguy

    Paraguayguy Active Member

    That was my life growing up in Rural Virginia. Sad sad sad to see it go. My mistake was going to South America to work in the oil fields in 1977. Rural life in Argentina and Paraguay is still like it was here in the years of my youth. Never could bring myself to leave or grow up.
  13. IBEW_124_BROTHER

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    You are dead on brother. With all the tv shows now people are out for that "big buck". People only care about the kill not the hunt. It saddens me to see these young kids that are upset because they didn't get to shoot something. I personally am a waterfowl hunter and I can say that any day in the blind beats layin at home on the couch, if i shoot or not! I just love bein out, watchin the ducks work in, wings bowed to their feet. I got 10 days till the opener here and am wound as tight as my 6 year old. CANT WAIT!!
  14. poisonpits

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    guess im one of the lucky ones i still live that life.only thing that has changed here is the farms are no more but i got thousands of miles of national forrest to hunt on.i still keep and feed a couple squirel dogs and like that as much as i do deer hunting.use an old stevens single 20.