Go Ahead And Give Yourselves A Pat On The Back!!!!!

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by channelcat_tracker, May 26, 2006.

  1. channelcat_tracker

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    not to sound dumb or anything but, WHY ARE THE BOC MEMBERS HERE SO DANG NICE???? i do have to hand it to you guys but you guys are great. ive been a member since around august and now im realizing that you people are so nice and great. i know im a youth but i know a disciplined person when i see/talk to em. well i have been looking at all my posts and now i realize that this aint a bad bucket of catfish lol . i mean, i doubt anyone has ever posted stuff like this but i think of you guys as a second family and this site as a second home. there is no one here that hasnt ever been courteous to others on this site. i have had people like fishhook and 223smitty that send me items half way around the world for free! i mean not to brag or anything but i havent had anyone be that generous and good hearted EVER! i tip my hat to everyone on this site knowing that everyone here looks after everyone as well as cares for them. go ahead and pat yourselves on your backs because you guys deserve only the best! :smile2: :smile2: :big_smile: :lol:
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    Blanchester, Ohio
    I guess you haven't seen the HI board yet, lol.

    Just kidding, this is a great site with alot of good people. :smile2:

  3. SilverCross

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    Yep it is a fantastic place, the only place I go on here anymore unless it's looking for tackle or something else to do with fishing.