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Hey Everyone,

I would say I'm brand new to here... but for some reason I believe I joined at one time years ago... nevertheless, here I am! I live in SW Ohio near Hamilton. I typically fish the GMR via my kayak, in which I have two rod holders and last season caught two 25lb shovels and around 20 others around 10lbs... not bad for my first season river fishing (usually I was a pay-laker!).

Anyway, have a couple of questions... 1) anyone ever catch skipjack on a fishing pole around hamilton? Twice I cast netted some large ones... but didn't end up using them as bait. I'm curious if anyone uses the sabiki (sp?) rigs near the dams or whatnot?

Also, I'm hoping one of you guys on here is a member of the Hamilton Boat club near Rentschler's forest, so we could go out and do some night fishing in that stretch of the water!

Let me know if anyone wants a catfishing partner, I'll gladly trade a few decent spots and some stories :).

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