GMR last night.

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by odog127, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. odog127

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    I only went for a couple of hours started at the old dam and 27 people out there fishing. So i moved down to the boat ramp. sat up there for about half an hour. so many people moved in there I moved again. Went to the new dam and no one there within 10mins. caught a 10lber. Got back to the top of the dam and hit on my second pole broke the line. I threw my poles back out and 20mins past by when I had one almost take my pole. Caught it 12lb shovel head. When one of fishing buddy's showed up he caught a big mud turtle and still had several more hits. I left and he called me about 30mins later and said he caught a 15lber. So the fishing is on and I think everyone knows it.
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    i went down there last night and got played with by gar the whole time. not a cat anywhere to be found. then the people 50 yards away got a big shovel head and yet again, i get nothin. this is getting frustrating