GMR A great year for channel cats...

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by bbreitenstein, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. bbreitenstein

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    Miami Township, OH
    I have had a great year fishing for channel cats. No so much for the shovelheads. I have caught several 10 pounders and many of the channels I have cought were over 5 pounds. I actually think channels are a lot of fun to catch, sure a shovelhead gets a lot bigger, but a 10 pound channel will peel some drag. Even though I do have an off shore rod and an okuma size 50 reel, I consider my tackle to be untralight. My Okuma is loaded with 12lb big game line... and I also use my bass pole for channel cats I have one spool with 6lb cajun line and the other with 10lb hybrid line from yozuri. I did catch one 8lb shovelhead on Magic bait...I was litterally using ultralight that day... 5'6" ul pole with 4lb test line. He gave up too soon but was still a great fight. I went fishing last night and caught one small channel cat. I need to find the wintering holes in my area.
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    Shelbyville, TN
    Sounds like you had a great year, congrats and good luck in the future

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    i am a channel fan myself also.i like hooking into a few good sized ones.
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    I fish the low dam near the Moraine airport clean up usually on channels cats. good place largest this year was 7lb considering the water levels was not to hateful was there good luck welcome to boc rick