GMR 9-3-09

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    i went out to the river with a buddy of mine for some flatties in a new spot. Steve was suppose to make it out but couldnt. We were fishing large baits all around 12 inches and bigger. Pat hit a 20 pound flathead around 10pm at 11pm i found a little drop off by a miss cast and decided to leave my bait there. About a minute later my clicker went and i landed a 20 pound fish, i checked him for marks and it was a clean fish. Things slowed until 12, i grabbed the biggest bait i had and threw it out in the same spot. The clicker went and i set hook, the fish immediately started ripping drag. Apparently i didnt let him run long enough because he threw the hook :angry:. About 10 minutes later Pat hooked up with a 18 which unfortunately was our last piece of bait. Not a bad night and i think im gonna have to hit the spot again here sometime soon. i posted the pics on the september thread
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    Reps to you, man. Nice fish.
    Live bait seems to be their thing this week.
    I'll be using nothing but big, live shad and bluegills tonight.
    I'll probably be mixing up cut and live bait tomorrow night also.

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    hey man sounds like a great night on the river. sucks that you ran out of bait :confused2: i guess next time ull just have to spend a little more time baitfishing to get some more bait.....and hey heres a small tip for ya....get you a submersivle light (however its spelled) and a battery and take it with you next time. put that light in the water where you are fishing. it might atract some bluegill and other baitfish to the light and then use a light pole with a waxworm or whatnot and put it out there and try to catch bait as you go....just a thought