GMR 10/12 & 10/18/09

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    I had a great night on the GMR monday night. I got there around 5 and was making long casts to a current stream on the other side of the dam. The action was almost too fast to keep 2 poles in the water. The channel cats were in feed mode big time. I most fish was around the 1 to 3 pound range, but I did manage 3 fish over 6 pounds the biggest being an 8 pound channel. Bait.... the old junnies sewer bait.

    I decided to get a short fishing trip in tonight. I didn't get to the spot until about 6:30, the sun had already set most of the way. Only about 30 minutes of faded daylight left. I had my cat rod baited with sewer bait and decided to toss a jig to see if the saugeye was biting. About 30 minutes pass and a small cat tugs the line and I pull in a channel about a pound and a half. That would be the only fish I caught tonight... but I did get a couple more bites before I decided to call it quits.

    I also snagged a 10 pound shovel head in the tail on monday night.