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    Has anyone tried using glowsticks other than me. I have been using them on at least one rod for the past three trips this week. So far I have had varied results.

    I generally fish at night and have been using the glow stick on my leader line in right in front of the bait and the hook by the knot. The other night was no moon and a clear night about 8pm. anchored 21ft. of water bait in 38ft. break water. I got set up tossed the line in and bam there is a 38lbs blue. About fifteen minutes later another good hit little stronger that time 54lbs blue. Then as the night progressed it seemed to slow as usual, but still fairly consistant. The smaller ones started to move in with the average bump here and there but no good size fish. It has been like this with or without the glow stick for the past few trips this week. Usually one or two fish right off the bat then it slows rapidly. Then nothing hits the pole with the glow stick again for the remainder of the night.

    As the days progressed fewer and fewer hits and fish. Do you think either they are starting to figure it out or is the colder weather change coming in to play. Water temp is still up around 74-76 F.

    I am having mixed feelings about using the glowstick. Just wondering if anyone else has used this tatic before and there results. I have seen it work to an extent but have not used it enough to keep it or loose it.
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    good question-I am interested in the responses:big_smile:

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    I started testing them at night a few years ago. Results are unclear, for me I have lots of bits from smaller fish and Sauger. As the Sauger eat away the sides of the big pieces of cut skipjack.
    Best Results have been when using a small crappie float with the glow stick attached in front of it. Thus keeping my bait up off bottom. I think its going to work better in summer time fishing rather then cooler weather.
    Funny thing is at times I think it works great. Then other times the ones without a glow stick catches the fish. First night I tried this 3+ years ago. All fish came off the rods with glow sticks. I had them taped to my no-roll sinkers. Then a 3ft leader and about 6" in front of the bait a 1.5" crappie float
    This was the rig I was using when I had the best results using glow sticks.
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    Glowsticks are never unstocked from my tackle bag. Those are lifesavers!:wink: