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    This last spring I went down to one of the local backwatters of the Yakima/Columbia river delta, was fishing strictly bottom in the early spring. Since I don't have a boat I am relegated to bank fishin. I got my pole set up & baited tossed it in & set it in my home made pole holde, and realized I fort my tackle bag that had my clip on brass cowbells in it. I dug around in my tackle bags & truck to see what if anything I could use instead of my headlamp or Maglight to tell when I get a bite. All I could find in my truck was a few large glowsticks, & I remebered seeing someone using glowsticks hung from the eyes of a pole. I thought I could figure a better way to use em, so I got a double snap swivel out and put a 3/4 oz weight on the big end, & hooked the small end through the hole on the top of the glowstick, the ones I have have a hook buit into the top of the stick, so I tightened up my line, then I hung the weighted glow stick from my line inbetween the 2nd & 3rd eye from the tip of the rod & pulled about 12" of line off the reel so the glowstick hung down 2/3 the way to the ground. the theory is when the cats bite the glowstick will rise thus telling my I have a bite & I don't run my flashlight/headlamp batteries dead. This worked like a charm, caught 3 cats that I would have missed cause they bit just light enought to make the glow stick rise an ich or so, and 2 that hit soo hard the glowstick went flying 3 feet away. Now I always have 4-6 glow sticks in my tackle bag as an optional bite indicator.
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    Thats a good idea and it does work, I tried that last year.

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    Thats a good idea and its certainly cheaper than the "one time use" glow sticks that I used to get. I started using the bite indicators that light up and beep that are now sold at walmart. Problem with those (in my experience) is that they dont fit on the bigger cat I think that i might end up using your technique in the future. Thanks!
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    Check out Pete at Wild Wolf Products on the sponsers area. He sells 8" glowsticks by 100 in a tube. Very good price and a lifesaver at night.